Best ever quarter for Apple even with slowdown in iPod and iPhone sales

Apple today released their financial results for the last quarter and it has proven to be their best quarter ever, despite the current international economic climate. Apple could report revenues of $10.17 billion with profits of $1.61 billion – not a bad quarter despite a slowdown in sales growth for both the iPod and the iPhone.

Considering that the revenue from the iPhone is spread over 8 years, it makes the results even better than what is reported above, showing that market is still there for high quality stylish products that deliver value for the consumer.

Despite the slowdown in sales growth for the iPod, it was still the best sales quarter ever for the ultra popular iPod, much thanks to strong sales of the iPod Touch 2G leading up to Christmas. Although the sales growth seems to be slowing down a bit, the iPod still saw 3% growth compared to the same quarter year before. Worldwide there was sold over 22 million iPods.

Not surprisingly, iPhone sales were up 88% year on year, but then again there was not any iPhone 3G in the same quarter last year. However the last quarter showed that iPhone sales were down compared to the previous quarter, perhaps an indication that market has slowed down a bit. It could also be that the limitations of being locked to an expensive O2 contract is stopping some people from buying the iPhone, and perhaps waiting for the exclusivity to change, like it did in France, where competition authorities forced Apple to offer iPhone to all mobile operators.

We will come back with more details and news about the results and performance of the iPod and the iPhone.


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