Belkin iPhone 4 cases and sport armbands

The Apple iPhone 4 is still fresh in the market following its international launch on the 24th June, but already there are starting to pop up some interesting iPhone 4 accessories in the market, including these iPhone 4 cases and armbands from Belkin.

The change in design for the iPhone 4 compared to its predecessor the iPhone 3GS/3G means that many of the iPhone accessories in the market is not 100% compatible, creating a new set of accessories for the producers to bring into market.  Belkin are among the manufacturers that are now bringing a whole new set of iPhone 4 accessories, including cases and sports armbands.

Belkin FastFit and OneFit Armband for iPhone 4

Belkin are known for bringing some of the better sports armbands in the market, and with this new range of iPhone 4 sports armbands they are delivering what looks to be some winners.

Belkin iPhone 4 FastFit sports armbandBelkin OneFit iPhone 4 sports sleeve

The FastFit and OneFit Armbands for iPhone 4 looks very comfortable without looking too padded. It uses lightweight breathable material with a closure that adjusts to fit. The casing holding the iPhone 4 itself has easy fastening system for on/off access.

It also features a headphone cable capsule that is handy for managing the cable, and the material is water-resistant and features a safety reflective stripe for those late night runs.

Price: $29.99 / £15

Availability: Amazon UK

Belkin ProFit Armband for iPhone 4

Belkin iPhone 4 ProFit sports armbandThe ProFit armband is the deluxe model for sports fanatics that need to have their iPhone 4 with them on their run, but does not need that heavy feeling of something moving around on their upper arm.

Providing a snug fit the ProFit armband is made of moisture-wicking material that keeps you cool and dry while you are clocking your running miles. The water resistant material is hand washable, and the custom designed clip system allows for easy on/off access.

Price: $39.99 / £

Availability: To be confirmed

Belkin Shield Eclipse for iPhone 4

Belkin Shield EclipseThe Shield Eclipse case features a nifty dual function by keeping a hard upper shell that is see-through, allowing you to display the nice Apple logo at the back of the iPhone 4, but the bottom half provides a comfortable molded grip that provides a soft touch and a secure grip.

The dual function is not only aesthetic as the hard polycarbonate top provides impact protection while the scratch resistant bottom is shock-absorbant, providing dual protection for your iPhone 4. Combine it with a screen protector and you have a slim and stylish case for your iPhone 4.

Price: $29.99 / £15

Availability: Amazon UK

Belkin Grip Graphix for iPhone 4

Belkin Grip GraphixIf you are after style combined with protection for your iPhone 4 you could do much worse than with the Grip Graphix. The soft silicone sleeve is made to look just as good as it feels. While the shock absorbant material provides protection for the iPhone the design provides stand out from the crowd look and feel.

The Grip Graphix sleeve provides all controls and dock connector on the iPhone 4 and the textured design provides a very comfortable and secure grip. At the back there is a cutout for the camera lens, ensuring the sleeve does not limit your quick access to capture those magic moments.

Price: $24.99 / £

Availability: To be confirmed

Other Belkin iPhone 4 cases and sleeves

Here are some of the other iPhone 4 cases and sleeves from Belkin.

  • Shield Fusion
  • Shield Micra
  • Grip Ergo with strap
  • Shield Shock
  • Grip Vue
  • Grip Groove Duo

Amazon UK are starting to get more and more of the new iPhone 4 Belkin case range.

If you still haven’t bought your new iPhone 4, then check out our iPhone 4 UK buyers guide that includes review and price comparison.


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