Beckham receives golden ipod touch for his 100 games on national level

When David Beckham recently earned his 100 games for England his team mates saw it fit to honour him with a golden ipod touch 32gb with the three lions and his name engraved.

Beckhams golden ipod touchThis might sound like an extravagant gift, but considering the fact that his team mates all earn £100,000 a week or more, a golden ipod touch costing about £600 is not that impressive. In fact, it would only take Beckham 12 minutes to earn enough to buy  golden ipod touch 32gb himself given his annual salary of about £28 million!

I guess golden balls is not as golden to his team mates as one might have thought. Although for all we know there might be a few diamonds hidden somewhere on this ipod, or perhaps some revealing pictures of Victoria or some unseen Spice Girls videoes.


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One Response to "Beckham receives golden ipod touch for his 100 games on national level"

  1. Maria Howard says:

    David Beckham is my idol and i wish that i was as good as him in the game of football.-:.

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