Beats Wireless coming soon from Monster Beats by Dre

Can Beats by Dre do the same to the bluetooth wireless headphone market as they did with the regular cabled headphone market? I hope so, and they are definitely giving it a go following the discovery of their latest set of Beats by Dre cans; the Beats Wireless.

There has been no official announcement of the Beats Wireless from the company yet, but the new headphones are appearing in an FCC filing that also includes photos of the new headphone. From the looks of it the Beats Wireless will have pretty much the same unibody design as the regular cans, but feature controls and mic on the right can, and will come with a USB charging cable in the standard red color we have come accustomed to from Monster Beats by Dre.

Beats by Dre wireless bluetooth headphones

Beats Wireless bluetooth headphones will be the first headphones released by the company following HTC buying a 51% share in the company not long ago. HTC have been integrating the Beats by Dre sound directly into some of their new smartphones, but it does make sense to bring out a pair of bluetooth cans that will work just as great with their Android handsets as with Apple devices. Current Beats by Dre headphones are mostly Apple friendly when it comes to in-line control and mic, so bluetooth will make them more universal.

Since this information is from an FCC filing there is no information in regards to a release date or price for the new Beats Wireless headphones. It is however likely that these headphones will make it to market for the all important Christmas season, and will likely have a premium price tag on them.

Now all that remains to be seen, or heard, is whether Beats by Dre have been able to produce the same quality sound over bluetooth as with their standard cabled headphones. Here are some of their competitors in the bluetooth headphone market.

[source: Techcrunch]


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