Beats extending use of Bluetooth with new Studio wireless headphones + Pill and Pill XL speaker

Not long ago Beats updated their original Studio headphones to bring a fresher design and better audio performance, and now they have announced the new Studio wireless headphones and a new Pill speaker with some interesting new Bluetooth features.

New Beats Studio wireless headphones

With the new Beats Studio Wireless headphones the company seems to have ditched the multicolored options, going with a simple and more subdued two color option; matte and glossy black. With the new design and color options, they feel more like the Executive headphones, and perhaps that is to reflect the relative higher price tag that these wireless versions come with.

Early reports also indicate that these new wireless headphones come with a mode ‘adult’ audio tuning, making for a more balanced and grown up listening experience (which in our book is a good development). They also come with Adaptive Noise Cancelling (ANC), which means that when you listen to music the ANC is turned down so not to have a big impact on the listening experience, but then getting turned on as the music comes off to block outside noise. A healthy 12 hours of music playing time between charges should also keep you going on the more long haul journeys.

The new Beats Studio Wireless headphones will set you back around $380 (or likely around £300).  Release date to be confirmed.

Beats also announced some new Bluetooth features for their updated version of the Beats Pill speaker, making it more versatile as an extendable, multi-room system. You can now basically sync one Pill speaker with another. Tap one Pill speaker against another and they will both play the same song with the same audio profile. This is great in case you need to keep the party going in more than one room. But it does not stop there. Tap them together twice and you have stereo separation, giving you true left/right stereo, something that we have started to see in other Bluetooth speakers as well, including the Damson Jet.

New Beats Pill XL speaker

The new Pill speaker will retain the same price at $199 (estimated £150), and the company also announced the arrival of the Beats Pill XL, a bigger and louder version of the original, still with the same new Bluetooth features. The new Pill XL will cost around $299 (estimated £220). Release date for both are to be confirmed.

[Source: Wired and WSJ]

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