Meet the new Beats by Dre products – including the new Beatbox speaker dock

At an event last week in New York that i was supposed to attend Monster Beats and Dr Dre released their new Beats by Dre 2010 product line up that will complement an already strong portfolio of headphones.

Beats by Dre has quickly become one of the most sought after headphones in the market today, much thanks to the quality of the products, and the celebrity line up that they have promoting the products. It is not only renowned producer and musician Dr Dre that is behind these products, as there are also models that feature the names of Diddy, Lady Gaga, and most recently Justin Bieber. Alongside these artists there is a myriad of celebrities that promotes the Beats by Dre line up, including basketball superstars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Lets get back to the new Beats by Dre products, which includes 4 new headphones and a an iPod Speaker dock with the fitting name Beatbox.

Beats by Dre Beatbox

The Beatbox is the first venture into the docking station market for Beats by Dre, and just like with their headphones they are going for the high-end market with a high quality speaker dock that themselves hope will be a game-changer.

Beatbox high-end portable audio system features  two 5 1/4 inch bass drivers and 2-inch high frequency drivers that combined will deliver a sound worthy of the Beats by Dre stamp. It all sits within a rugged ABS housing and is currently available in black only. At the top you find the docking station itself, as well as a carrying handle which comes in useful for carrying it with you. Overall the style looks very professional.

According to Monster and Dr Dre the Beatbox will offer a club-like sound experience in a small package.

Suggested US retail price is $450, and in the UK the Beatbox is available for pre-order from Amazon at £320, putting the Beatbox into competition with the likes of B&W Zeppelin and the Bose Sounddock.

We have been advised that the system is fully iPod and iPhone compatible speaker dock, but will be back with full review and information once we get a chance to test the new Beatbox.

Powerbeats Lebron James Signature headphone

Basketball superstar Lebron James have long been a Beats by Dre fan, and now he has got his own signature line in the new Powerbeats performance sports headphones.

The new Powerbeats feature a dual-driver design, built in sub for heavy bass sound, and an adjustable over-the-ear loop to keep the headphones secure during even hard basketball workouts. Powerbeats are also designed with non-noise occluding eartips to allow you to pick up on peripheral noises, like for example a car when out running, or your teammates when playing a game.

The Powerbeats Lebron James signature line headphones are expected to retail at $180 or £140.

Beats Pro headphones

For those of you that already have listened to the original Beats by Dre studio headphones, but perhaps need something even higher-end, the new Pro Beats will be coming soon, aimed at DJ’s and audio professionals.

The Dre Beats Pro headphones are for professionals looking for that high quality audio experience and sound isolation. An all-aluminum lightweight body, flip-up cups, and dual input-output cable makes the Beats Pro headphones.

Expected retail price for the high-end Beats Pro headphones are $450 or if you are in the UK you can order them from Amazon UK for £330.

JustBeats headphones

Teen superstar Justin Bieber have also received his signature Beats by Dre in the new JustBeats headphones, which will be available in both in-ear and over-ear models.

The JustBeats headphones are aimed to be teens first experience of real high quality sound experience in headphones, with Beats by Dre hoping that the relative high price point will still be affordable and interesting enough for the fans of Justin Bieber.

JustBeats will be available in purple only (apparently Justin Bieber’s favourite color) and for now only available at BestBuy.

iBeats headphones

Although most of the Beats by Dre headphones are available with controltalk headphone cable, the new iBeats are Monster and Beats by Dre iPhone optimized in-ear headphones.

The new iBeats feature the same high quality metal construction and tangle free cable as you are used to from other Beats by Dre products (including the Beats by Dre Tour headphones), and ControlTalk feature allows you to handle music playback and hands-free calls.

Suggested retail price for the iBeats are $120 or £90.

In the US it is expected that the new Beats by Dre line up will be available in November, just in time for that important Christmas season. Hopefully they will hit the UK market around the same time. We will be back with more information about where to buy the new Beats by Dre when available.

In the meantime you can also check out our reviews of other Beats by Dre headphones as well as our overview of headphones for iPhone and iPod.


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3 Responses to "Meet the new Beats by Dre products – including the new Beatbox speaker dock"

  1. Numbers Gong says:

    It is sad that Kobe Bryant will be retiring in a few years.Long live number 24.

  2. admin says:

    It now looks like at least some of these new Beats by Dre products will also be available in the UK before Christmas. I am already adding all of them to my wishlist 🙂

  3. Hazza 2k7 says:

    These are excellent but with the right contacts you can pick these up for £100-£140 its not hard to make a nice proffit on these looking hard is the key 🙂

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