Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones

When it comes to the headphone market in recent years few have made a bigger splash than Monster and Beats by Dr Dre, delivering a range of cool, fashionable, well sounding headphones, including the Beats by Dr.Dre Tour in-ear headphones.

Beats by Dr.Dre Tour in-ear headphones

For those of you that prefer the in-ear headphones instead of the larger headphones, Monster Beats by Dr Dre have the Tour high-resolution in-ear headphones model, which still provide the iconic red flat wire that does not tangle itself up and its slightly unique design, guaranting that you will stand out from the in-ear headphone mass market, that also includes the traditional iPod/iPhone headset.

The Tour Beats by Dr Dre comes with a nice little package that includes 5 sets of replaceable tips for best fit, and a protective little carrying case for storing your headphones in that is actually quite useful. The Tour Beats lend themselves especially well to the style of music represented by Dr Dre himself, including hip hop and RnB, but also sound really well with more rock-ish music, as the bass is very clear and strong.

Now, i have tested these both when travelling and i have tried running with them, and if there is one issue with the Beats Tour model it is that it sometimes feels  a bit big for in-ear headphones, making them slightly less comfortable while doing activities such as running. Then again that could just be the shape of my ears, which generally are very picky when it comes to in-ear headphones!

Price and availability

Compared to other in-ear high end headphones though the Beat by Dr Dre Tour headphones are good value for money. The sound  is very good and they look very stylish and different than many other headsets out there. You can buy the Beats Tour model from amongst other the following UK retailers.

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47 Responses to "Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones"

  1. Sombrero Pete says:

    As the next white hope in hip hop i believe i should be the winner of the Beats by Dr Dre Tour headphones, and i promise i will use them to spread peace and harmony. On a serious note i have been saving up to get these headphones so if i can get them for free i can use that money to help the people of Haiti.

  2. John says:

    Simple, being the greatest supporter of this website I deserve to win these headphones 😀 @jrtangen

  3. John R says:

    I have been courting these headphones for months now trying to decide if I can afford them and if they will work for me. Until now, we have been star-crossed lovers because the stores I go to to make the final purchase have been out of them. Getting them for free would make the stars align… Basically if I get these headphones, everyone can know that Romeo and Juliet really did end up together and Shakespeare was just lying…. Do you choose love?

  4. Robin says:

    The only true reason i want to win these headphones, is because the substandard earphones that come with ipods, simply don’t cut the mustard when listening to filthy dubstep basslines. If i won these i would be happy to blast my brain with sound waves for a long long time.

  5. Thomas says:

    I really want these headphones because i heard they were the best ever and had the best sound and i really need those headphones because i’ve been asking for those ever since i heard of them. if i get them I’l take really good care and say that these are the best headphones ever in the world.

  6. Mansour says:

    Cause my kids and wife keep taking my earphones and loosing them – these will not leave my sight

  7. Louie Quito says:

    Sitting here in the library using the public computers I came across this site I’m very thankful for ur giveaway! I’m sure everyone will say they deserve these headphones. But either way I’m just going to say that this will definetely be beneficial for me. I currently use headphones I bought from Marshall for $3.99 Ive been using it about a year and seem to have no problem with it. Although something like the beats tour will definetely improve my music experience. I’m sure I’m not
    able to afford it but I’ll be more than happy, GREAtful if I win these.


  8. Fabian says:

    I deserve these headphones as I am one of the most diverse music listeners of my age. Try and find someone else who listens to mariachi, rock, classical, tejano, hip-hop, and christian music. Plus they all don’t sound that great with $16 headphones from skullcandy.

  9. Sid says:

    First off, I enjoyed the review of the headphones. I would be delighted to win these headphones. I am an audiophile and as you can imagine, it’s expensive being one. Since I am not a rich guy, I could really do with Monster Beats by Dr Dre. You would make me very happy indeed.

    Thanks a lot. Cheers!

  10. admin says:

    Remember to tweet this post for additional chances to win these Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones.

  11. Dijon L. says:

    I should win the headphones because since they were released in July of 08 ive been dying to get some. Unfortunately i cant afford them. They are the best headphones out. I would love to listen to music just like the artist would want us to hear it. I NEED those headphones.

  12. I think I deserve these off-the-chain headphones because it will give you excellent karma. I borrowed a pair of these from my friend for a night, and spent an entire day blasting Geto Boys, Cage The Elephant and Super Mash Bros with a feeling of ecstacy that no drug could possibly provide. Music is quite possibly the greatest invention of all time, and these headphones just make the experience even better- it’s like your own private concert every single minute you spend listening. Plus, winning these would be the first contest I’ve ever won before, and I’d actually be grateful I’ve never won if it meant I get these…

  13. Blair says:

    Because i’m an avid music lover, blogger, groupie and spend all my money on tickets. So i need som1 to help me get a pair of these babies!

  14. Nico says:

    Why should I win ?
    Maybe because, YOUR site made me love those earphones, before I learnt you offered them …
    Maybe because I went in NYC 2 weeks ago, wondering what was in every new Yorker’s ears …
    Maybe because I love music, and I hate the way my stock Apple earphones are treating it …
    Maybe because I retweeted your post which will be read by my 250 followers …
    Maybe because my ears are big enough to keep them while I’m running …
    Maybe because writing this comment, I try to remember how I have to talk in English …
    Maybe because I’m French, and I will be glad to offer you a beer when you are in Paris !
    Thanks !

  15. MNaus says:

    Well, I should win because I’m your average person that loves music but cannot afford all the finer things in life. This economy sucks and money is tight. Music is my escape and my freedom. To be able to win these would be unbelievable. But it’s a great thing you’re doing here to whomever you give them too and the information you provide on this site is top notch.

    So for what it means, here’s me tipping my hat to you for this gesture of a ‘contest’ and the service you provide.

  16. Simon says:

    i think i should win these because i’ve been obsessive on them ever since i saw them, which was in December. I also love this website since i saw this contest. i dont own any headphones and I would really love to have these. I’ll take really good care and i seriously want these please because i can’t afford it. And btw these would be the best headphones in the entire universe!!! i also love this website.

  17. I believe i should win the headphones as i’m addicted to UK Dubstep, and the frequency range of these bad boys should do nicely for all the fat bass that i don’t get from my current headphones!

  18. Kath Amis says:

    Thanks to Dr Dre Tour – whatever the music, whatever the song, for the best sound experience –the Beat goes on

  19. Luis says:

    not sure if you already gave them away but, i believe i should get the tours because my student loans dont allow me the comfort of buying them for myself

  20. Debb says:

    i dont deserve them. i dont need them. i just want them.

  21. James says:

    I should get them because I am awesome

  22. I would LOVE to win these headphones. I want to win them because I’ve never had a pair of nice headphones and I want to experience a whole new level of sound! Thank You!

    I tweeted @michael0902.

  23. Monique says:

    i think you should send the tours to me because i will send you a Christmas card every year.

  24. Raychel says:

    Because it would give me an excuse to buy a new ipod to match.

  25. Michael Sims says:

    I wear my headphones all day when i’m walking around campus and just for one class it can take me 20 min just to get there. The problem is that i can never find a comfortable pair of headphones that I like, can afford, and sound great. I’ve seen these around campus quite a bit so i know they are good too. Just makes me want them even more.

  26. Jayden Sarker says:

    Many people have spoken for themselves, some for humanitarian causes. Their desire for the headphones however, all stem fromsheer lust and hedonistic appreciation for sound, for themselves. For me, my desire for the Headphones, is a religious devotion, stemming from desiring the best of Sonic-ism, appreciating the crystral clear audio-auscultations, reverberating sound and the visceral thumps of bass that will all synergise to form an almost celestial effect.

    I am, a theologian. A religious person, I investigate the crises that directly affert modern society. . To me, the namesake of the beat is a prophet to sound. The sound, to me, is a portico to opening the soul of the door, and I believe, the higher quality of amplification and precision is put into it, the more the soul opens, and the more we can actualise the concept of spiritual perfection, Buddhists call it the Nirvana, Muslims call it the Ul-ul-Al-Baab, Christians call it the beautific vision. Drawing closer with a spiritual power, through connecting with soundwaves, chanelling their own ethereal message, in the form of harmonious pings, jitters and jugs with thuds to the brain, giving it a cleanse, uplift. Which in turn, resorts the amyglada to reach the cortex, communicate cerebrally, and open, our eyes more. Your physical eyes, and most of all, your inner eye. These headphones, in my belief, is a neo-religious tool to that enlightenment. A means to discovering the depth of our souls, in our selves, through sound. The new mediator of spirituality.

    Plato said, that, beauty is the splendour of the universe in so far is it still recognises beauty, and with Dr Dre’s Headphones to society, not just to me, I find it is a context that is still not completely lost to us. To it, we can still have a completely authentic, responsive existence. And the colloraries of this is that as vision, and colour, may be marred with obscene pornographic projections that feed our imaginations, what it can already do, music, creates images, in the fortitudes that our brains can only see. The Dr Dre earphones, if given to me, wil give me precise sound that will in turn give me precise imagery, thoughts and spiritual contemplation which will synergise in effect to form the spiritual axis-mundi of all things puritannical and good in my life..

    I am a rebel too. I believe the norms of society should be rebelled against, on bohemian terms. Dr Dre’s beats are a cultural phenomenon. A stand against the typical. A beacon against the diluted plastic copies of sound, it is a pioneering, of origination. And that, is no paradox.

    Schopenhaur said that music stands by itself, quiet alone, it is cut off from other arts. And I believe Dr Dre’s bearts will not for me express an especial feeling of sorrow or joy, or anguish or horror, or delight or mood of peace in the compoisitionn, but that which in the abstract, its quintessential nature is what we will grasp. I will reach new levels of mental illumination, sound-visual imaginary reflections, and most of all, a non-narcotic form of ecstasy, produced by sensory control, and the headphone control switch, i will bring motion to my mind, i will be in a trance, music can draw the bearer in chains of gold to the consideration of all things holy – that is what I want the beats for. To be a new philosopher of what this device, this device can entail for the imagiations, and holy considerations of peoples.

    I have researched on it’s Saint, the man they call ‘Dr.Dre’ ever since the 80s, he has pioneered his wave of sound, his wave of thought, his wave of wave-ology if you like, incorporating it into his musical productions that has left the fans oustanded. Not Since Michael Jackson has a black artist had so much influence upon the proceedings of a musical genre like Dr Dre ; his Chronic in1992, paved the way for rap to sound, and it served as model for the future, his beat making was eerie, horror flick-y, the sound was multilayered, so much that on normal earphones, you could only hear snippets of it – this is microcosm of how if I were to have the Dr Dre Beats, and could hear the exact precise sound, I could decipher the metaphysical message that is surely left as an imprint in his symbolic tracks. I could hear the very sounds that made him who he is. I could hear the eerie joints, whispers and synths, bass and looms, ludes and loops ; melodies and jitterings all that combine to create an undulating force of musical genius that has spawned the careers of Tupac Shakur, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, The Game, Ice Cube, Eazy E and NWA since the World Klass Wrecking Kru in the 1980s.

    Some say he will release the greatest album, the holy grail of Hip hop, his final LP, to be released in 2011, Detox, which will singelhandedly save hip hop from its mortal death – I am an advocate of that. He says that he is in the portico to creating the perfect sound, that the people are calling upon him to save hip, that hip hop , the art must be rejuvinated, resurrected, put back to glory – and I, am wishing to hear his Detox, which will be his last album, arguably the greatest album of Hip Hop history after his legendary The Chronic and The Chronic 2001 which will feature a sign of artists from Lady Gaga to Eminem ; I am all for that, and by that, I hope the instrument, Beats By Dre will let me hear such precise sound.

    With the advent of digitised , compressed audio quality, such as the advent of the MP3, and the procession of music synthesis, the quality of sound has gone in favour for practicability or quantity of file size. These headphones, will let me hear the sounds that I’ve never been able to listen to. It is impossible to get the quality you would get on a vinyl record on an MP3, and its not possible to keep a vinyl player around, so for that reason, a Dr Dre Beats would let me still have the closest thing possible, to sound maximisation, picking out the sounds that you thought never existed from the deepest cellars underneath the music, bringing out the core of the music, essence to my ears. Bringing vinyl quality, to a new age ,a new era and a new dimension.

    Please give me these earphones so I can explore music, and find out the links it can have with serious study and academic professions. i dont want them just for myself, but for society too – I sincerely believe that music and sound can be a language, of notes. As it is for the Nigerian Yoruba, where people rely more on the sounds of drums and natural instruments such as the whistling of the leaves over the procession of language. poetry is from sound, from it proceeds finite happiness. Dr Dre’s beats would make it a modern paradigm of that very culture, in a new way, a new concept in a cosmopolitan modern way for me. Bridiging caps of cultures from both worlds, into one, into an instrument which will compliment my ears. Which will make me feel spiritually at one ; hearing sound like no other. Hearing sound like no other.

    Dr Dre says he is working on the perfect record, the perfect beat, and he says its going to be what he thinks is the ultimate beat of all time – he says he hasn’t got it yet, but when does, it’s going to be on there – I believe Dr Dre’s beats will let me actually experiment evern further if the sound is up to zoom.

    New science has damaged the quality o fmusic, compression and digitisation has taken away the real essence of music and replaced it with computerisations and minimisations, these Beats help bridge the gap between sacrificing quality for size or practical quantity, with practicality and size in itself! As I carry the beats to carry the practicality of the mp3, yet, stil retain the excellent, incandescent sound of the original track..

    I want to hear crystal sound, diamond cutting and sapphire sonic innovation, new zooms and pans , i want to hear ear ear bang and burst, whilst the other throbs, back and forth, audio tennis, then serve it down the middle..wait , i don’t have an ear in the middle of my brain? That’s what you thought you didn’t have….

    ^ That is the philosophical, conceptual and introspective as well as inventive scenario having the beats by dre would put me in.

    Digital sound needs resurrection, sound is too bad, a new modern revolution , a new stand must be taken. Dr Dres beats headphoens is at the forefront, but we must go further, elevate. If i was to have a copy of the headphones, I would be able to listen to it, and pinpoint the exact nessecities for how sound is lacking in digital compression, and how the Dr Dre beats, in comparison, bring out the best. Please let me be at the forefront of this.

    And one of the most beautiful, simplest and gentle points I will make why I should be recieving the beats headphones…Is that I want to be able to listen to my favourite song, all over again, with the beats, like it’s the first time I’m ever listening to. The beats headphones, will let me.

    Won’t you please let me experience that pleasure?
    Please, I have given my heart and soul into writing this, and I implore I have made my case.
    Please gentlemen at Ipod Republic, please give me a beats by dre , so I can bridge the musical gap between the nether-world – with sounds i havent heard before, this world, with sounds that i can hear, but there can be more to it, and the old world – the sounds of the past that cannot be replicated today . A three pronged fork to my ears – that feels so devilishly good.

    I want to hear the sound so crystal clear and futuristic.. I wanna hear my G-funk, my rap, my soul my rock my jazz my blues ludicrous and lubricious and WETly good, i want beats that will give me formal excellence and sonic innovation in this art form to let me reach , and pass the final flight of the alone..

    let me be amongst the reconaissance of audio bridging.

    My aim for these beats arent just hedonistic.
    They are political, social, intrpsective and spiritual.

    Tweeted @jayedsarker

  27. Diarmuid Henry says:

    I should get these headphones because for the past 2 years, I’ve not been able to afford a decent pair of headphones and have been stuck with iPod and Philips brand headphones which must be specifically designed to hurt your ears and make you hate music!


  28. Daud Ali says:

    I think I deserve to win these headphones cause I enjoy reading articles here at ipodrepublic.com. And honestly this is probably the only way I could get them. I can’t afford them for sure, lol. Trust me I don’t care if they are a review model Danny. I’m a university student in Toronto, Canada and currently they are out of my range. I hope yall pick me cause I would seriously love to own a some BEATS!

    Cheers, Daud

  29. Sam says:

    I think i deserve to win a pair of Beats by Dr Dre because i have ambition to be a fabulous back-up dancer for Britney Spears. If i can have a pair of Beats i will be able to hear the crisp beats of all the songs i love, so i can get all the moves nailed for auditions.

  30. onzia says:

    so hi :)…
    i’m onzia and i’m 13 years old. the main reason i would like the headphones -i’m not gunna lie like most people would- is because i LOVE lady gaga, and she has them. she’s a trendsetter and in my eyes a fashion icon! i love her music so much and would finally have some half decent headphones which don’t fall out of my ears everytime i smile or move my head when i listen to music. i know that i would NEVER be able to afford these headphones, or come to think of it any other decent headphones, because i don’t have that sort of money and i can’t see my parents or grandparent’s paying out for it! my mum and dad have just split up- so all i do at the moment is listen to music, it’s something everyone and anyone can relate to which is probably why i love gaga so much. i guess i want the stuff she has because it gives you a small slice of her lifestyle! i honestly didn’t write that much because paragraph after paragraph becomes a little boaring, lol. anyway, thankyou very much for this oppertunity…
    onzia x

  31. jackson isaacson says:

    I just love music. I can’t play anything but an iPod, and I want to hear my music to it’s fullest.

  32. Hash says:

    I think I should win because my friend just bought a pair of the lady gaga beats headphones and I am IN LOVE with them but I cant afford them.. I realllllly want them though, they sound amazing!

  33. L says:

    i just wanted to say thanks for the reviews. i was on a fence about buying some beats, but now i am going to pick some up… come tax returns…

  34. Sera says:

    I think that I don’t deserve these headphones because I listen to a lot of music anyway, also my Ipod headphones broke so I’m sort of at a block. But I want these headphones because they look really cool and my parents would never be able to afford these so I’ve been trying to find them in cheaper places and this could be the best place! I’d be happy with whoever wins these headphones and hopefully it might be me!

  35. Ricardo Figueroa says:

    I love the Monster Beats by Dr Dre, these headphones are awesome i would really like to have these. I my life is music and these headphones are so clear. I’ve been i studios before and and the music that comes out of these headphone sound just like if your standing in the studio with my favorite artist!!!! Hopefully i win these headphones I would really appreciate it.

  36. Matt says:

    I am the biggest music lover ever. I have all of the popular hits, unreleased songs, demo songs, all genres from hip-hop and R&B to Rock to Pop, and underground music. I recently heard about this website and I love it! It answers all the questions I could ever have about Apple. I am desperately in need of a new pair of headphones. Here is my story…

    When the first gen iPod touch came out, I decided to give it a try and bought it. It instantly became my most used possession and I have literally used it every day since I purchased it many years ago. I didn’t want to invest any money in better headphones, so I would just use the un-quality ones that Apple had given me. They didn’t feel right in my ear because they were too big and always fell out when I used them. About a year ago, however, they were beginning to feel a little bit uncomfortable.

    The rubber on the outside rim of the headphones was beginning to peel off. They were feeling even more uncomfortable in my ears than before. I realized it was probably peeling because of the reasons I used it for which I highly regret now.

    I would go out to my herd of llamas and I would put the headphones in their ears and play the song Forgot About Dre by Dr. Dre feat. Eminem. The llamas loved it dearly and they would always want me to play it every day. They would always fist pump and head bang to the song when they heard it. I own about 10 llamas. Their names are: Carl (he is the leader of the pack), Dr. Dre, Tommy Gunn, Anita Party, Jack Hammer, The Star Buck, Mommy, Old Style, Beau Tye, and Andy Samberg (I got him the day that I Threw It On The Ground debuted on SNL). When I played Forgot About Dre, Carl liked it so much that he even learned the words to it. When we listened to it now, he raps the Dr. Dre parts while I rap Eminem’s parts. He is incredible and is a sick rapper. He is getting a record deal soon.

    I believe that the rubber began to peel because of the friction of their ears rubbing up against it. I tried to put up with the headphones, but my llamas couldn’t stand it. They would start spitting at me if I tried to put the uncomfortable headphones in their ears. I decided that it was time to invest in some new headphones. Some of my friends at school told me about how they liked Skull Candy headphones. I decided to purchase the Lowriders. I loved them and I would listen to my iPod about twice as much. I would wear them to school every day.

    However, my llamas loved them just as much. They would want to listen to the song 24/7. The problem was, they only work for a single person at one time, so I wouldn’t be able to rap with Carl. He said I was off the beat, but I wasn’t even able to hear the beat so I think he was being unfair to me. They would start following me around trying to listen, and I would have less and less time to listen to them. One day at school, big problems started occurring.

    The headphones were flimsy, so I didn’t like putting them in my backpack and I would carry them. That day when the problems occurred, Carl and the others were watching me and saw my headphones. They decided to silently follow me to school. During my first period class, I looked out the window and saw something that scared me. My llamas were staring into my classroom looking at my headphones with a hungry look on their face. They saw that I was looking and quickly started to run away. When the bell rang for the end of the period, I walked out into the hallway and saw people screaming and running towards me. They had a look of terror on their faces and were tripping over each other like they were trying to get away from something. There must have been about 200 people screaming and running. In all of the commotion, I dropped my headphones. At the back of the mob, I saw five of my llamas were charging at the people and they were mad. I suddenly realized, however, that I actually owned TEN llamas not five. The mob almost reached the corner when my other five llamas cornered them. They were trapped and ten angry llamas were charging and spitting at them. I realized that all they wanted were my headphones so I yelled for my llamas to stop. They turned their heads and I reached towards the ground to pick up my fallen headphones. When I picked them up, they were completely broken because the crowd had trampled them. My llamas decided to punish them by spitting on everyone until they were drenched and not a single bit of them was dry. My llamas then stole somebodies headphones that were still usable and ran off.

    I got home later, and I tried the stolen headphones. They were extremely terrible and now neither my llamas nor I want to listen to my iPod.

    If I had the Dr. Dre In-Ear headphones, we would both be extremely happy because the rubber wouldn’t peel off, we would both be able to listen at the same time again, the sound quality is 100x better, the different sized rubber pieces would make them comfortable and they would fit in my ear. Please. You guys would change my life and my llamas would be happy again!

  37. dresale says:

    I think the in-ear monster dre beats headphones are the most powerful earbuds ive ever heard tons of bass it really does feel like a sub has been compacted in there. Of course they are not as powerful as the over the ear headphones but very close but not everybody wants huge headphones. As soon as i got these dr dre headphones and still to this day have made my music listening more enjoyable than ever. I suggest one site from drdre-headphones com and buy one discounted price cheap dr dre headphones for anyone if you are picky about music quality like myself once you’ve listen to these you will never settle for any other you will always want the best of quality.If you are an ear-bud person these are a top 5 for sure.

  38. goodsuye says:

    Based on my experience and likes when it comes to music and sound, these Beats definitely gets a big thumbs up, and the fact that they do look quite iconic and stylish is a big plus.

  39. Hesh says:

    I got these headphones and they are great! The music is so crisp on them and I love the side button to mute it when you need to. The studios are official I have them when I record music and I love them. They are alittle bit pricey but I went to http://discountedmonsterbeats.myshopify.com and got them for alittle cheaper then what best buy has them for and I gotta say I love my monster beats.

  40. becca says:

    The solos are just sick…..just awesomley sick….I recommend these to everyone

  41. Tyree Blouin says:

    I feel the information given in your discussion is actually very useful. I’ve been conducting a study on the subject and your writings actually covered a lot of problems I had. I am working on an essay and school assignment for my English class and at the moment browsing a lot of personal blogs to review.

  42. Based on my experience and likes when it comes to music and sound, these Beats definitely gets a big thumbs up, and the fact that they do look quite iconic and stylish is a big plus.

  43. David says:

    Sometimes you set out to write something with the intentions of the article going one way, only to have it take a big U-turn in the middle and go somewhere else. That’s the case with this post. I was initially going to make some light hearted jokes about how LeBron and Kobe teaming up to give away headphones to their fellow All-Star members was a sign that LeBron and Kobe would soon team up on the Lakers. After all, isn’t that what all the kids are saying these days?

    However, as I started working on my outline and doing some research, I realized just how frequently LeBron gives away “Beats by Dr Dre” Monster Headphones as gifts. And for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, lets start there. Chris Broussard wrote an interesting little tidbit on ESPN’s TrueHoop about Kobe and LeBron’s gesture.

    Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones (Kobe Bryant Limited Edition) and Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones (James Limited Edition) have arrived and they are only $199, Here’s some of the hottest selling items now, we already sell 10 thousand fitness Beats by Dr. Dre series headphones, and our customers are satisfied with those products. they dropship it to their customers on ebay and amazon and so on… don’t lose the chance to make money!

  44. Anna says:

    Hey I’ve been saving my homecoming money that my parents have been giving me for the past 5 months, to get these headphones. Since no one in my family works, and can’t actually buy them for me, i am going to use my homecoming money to buy the headphones. if I can get it for free & still use the money to go to homecoming it will be great. i cant ask for much.

  45. Monster Tower – Beats by Dr. Tour – ControlTalk


    * Anti-tangle cable patent pending for the Prevention of the mesh and nodes
    * ControlTalk to receive orders on cable and handsfree conversations with iPod / iPhone
    * Player-bandwidth and low mass for high precision response
    * Sound Isolating bits in several sizes for a perfect fit
    * Duraflex jacket for maximum durability without the cable tangling
    * Equipped with Monster Cables
    * Protective case foolproof

  46. kevin macharia says:

    hey guys,i was just requesting from the bottom of my heart if i could get beats by dre headphones for free,reason is that i cant afford them here in kenya they are so damn expensive.i will be so gratefull if i could get one.thank you..

  47. Arthur Dobbe says:

    I did it manually before.. thanks a lot.

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