Beam me up Scottie – CBS launches Tv.com iPhone application

10 years ago many would propably thought that this was as distant as Star Trek itself, but now you can get episodes of the popular show straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch with the new Tv.com application from CBS – Beam me up Scottie!

The new iPhone application from Tv.com will allow you to play full episodes of shows such as Star Trek and CSI directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Alhtough there has been attempts at providing network content to the iPhone before, it is believe that the new Tv.com application is the first one that gives you instant access to top network programmes through both cellular and wifi connection.

With CBS plowing the way in streaming network content to the iPhone and iPod Touch i’m sure other networks will quickly follow, including networks here in the UK as well. The main question will be what the networks (O2) will do with the increase in data traffic over the network. Personally i think the mobile network will evolve just as fast as content providers create applications, so unless the whole country starts streaming content while commuting i believe the networks will manage, or to put it differently, they will have to.

You can download the Tv.com application from the iTunes App Store.


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