Bayan 7 speaker dock is set to bring high-end audio to iPhone and iPod

Bayan Audio, which is a division of Radiopaq, have set out to improve the audio quality of the iPod speaker docks market by launching their own high-end Bayan 7 speaker dock.

Bayan 7 iPod speaker dock from Bayan Audio

The Bayan 7 comes with some impressive specifications for its price class, but what is likely to cause the most discussion is the design, which can be an acquired taste so to speak. In many ways it reminds me of the speaker set up i had in the back of my first car, with the exception of the dual docking stations situated at either end of the clear front panel of the speaker dock. The main features are all however situated inside a 12mm solid wood casing, designed for better clarity and less distortion.

Where the Bayan 7 speaker dock becomes impressive is when you take into consideration the 120W power output that is produced by its twin amplifiers, one driving the 4 mid-and high range speakers, and the other one driving the 8-inch bass speaker that forms the center stage of the speaker dock itself. Combined what you get is a high quality 2.1 channel speaker configuration.

The dual docking stations, that supports both iPods and the iPhone, allows you to seamlessly switch audio source between the two docked devices. Apple iPad owners will also be able to use the Bayan 7 through its 3.5mm line in or USB port situated at the back of the system. Unfortunately there are no signs of wireless streaming through either AirPlay or bluetooth in the Bayan 7 iPod speaker dock, so it looks like they are hoping that audio performance will outweigh the lack of built-in streaming capabilities.

Pocket-lint is reporting that the Bayan 7 will go on sale in the UK through the Bayan Audio website on the 15th December, starting at £299. I hope to be able to come back with a hands-on review of the speaker dock sometime in the new year, to see in person if it can compete with the likes of Arcam rCube or the Azatom Fidek iBigBoy2.

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2 Responses to "Bayan 7 speaker dock is set to bring high-end audio to iPhone and iPod"

  1. Maeve says:

    This is frankly a stunning piece of design in my opinion. Obviously if your house is floral patterns it wont be for you, but personally, I am more into sleek and stylish. The sound credentials are very impressive as well! I’m getting one!

  2. Arthur says:

    If LOOKS are important to you, you should get the Bayan 7.

    If SOUND is important you should probably get the Bayan 7 as well.

    I’m Bayan one 😉

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