Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 headphones review

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 headphones

While Bang & Olufsen have done headphones for a few decades, although they have been better known for their sound systems and home entertainment solutions. With the hot headphone market, and consumers looking for a personal style as much as sound, the new B&O BeoPlay H6 headphones can’t be overlooked.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 headphones


There is no denying the great heritage of Bang & Olufsen when it comes to both sound and design, and from the looks of it, that heritage has been applied to the H6 headphones as well, delivering what looks like a very stylish and simplistic headphone when it comes to design. I personally love a clean and minimalistic design. The fact that they weigh in at low 230g is also great as it means that they are not likely to feel heavy on your head during long periods of use. The frame is made of machined aluminium, the headband is in premium leather, and the earpads are lambskin.

B&O have also added cable input on both earpads, allowing you to choose which side to input the cable, or even daisy chain two headphones together should you wish to share the music with someone. The earpads also swivel for a safer transport/storage. In terms of technical specs, the H6 headphones features custom designed 40mm drivers with a closed back design. They have also included a bass port for further sound optimization, aiming to deliver a clear midrange, and balanced bass and treble. The BeoPlay H6 headphones are available in either black or natural leather color.


From the first look when opening the box to the first listen, the BeoPlay H6 headphones just have a certain factor that makes you feel it was worth the money you spent (yes, I did buy them). Could my opinion be coloured by my admiration for what Bang & Olufsen have delivered over the years? Sure, but at the same time I try to keep an objective view.

The first thing that struck me was just how light these headphones are, and how the design feels like it could be something Apple had delivered themselves. Perhaps it was the reflective brushed aluminum surface on the earcups. I went for the natural leather finish, which in my personal opinion makes the H6 headphones feel even more unique and high-end. The leather on the earcups is very soft, making them very comfortable to wear, and providing a good fit, even in terms of naturally blocking out outside noise. The headband is comfortable, and with the light weight I find them comfortable to use even when out walking.

Now that I have ranted about my love for B&O design, let’s talk sound. If you are a fan of the more bass focused trendy headphones that share an initial letter on the earcup, then the H6 might fall short of your expectations. However, if you want detail and a more flat response audio, the crisp and clean sound of the H6 will win every time. Having taken them through a large variety of tracks and genres over the recent weeks, I have found the details and clarity of the different elements of each track very refreshing. They have brought the sound stage more alive, listening to tracks such as ‘City of Roses’ by Esperanza Spalding and ‘Under the bridge’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers. On some more bass heavy tracks, they can sometimes feel a bit light, but I have grown accustomed to and prefer the attention to detail over the thumbing bass. Given their Danish origin, I have to mention that the H6 headphones sound absolutely brilliant with Isam B’s ‘I Danmark er jeg fodt’ and ‘Alle vejer foerer til Malmo’.


  • The sound – a flat-response with plenty of details. Clean and crisp.
  • The design – simplistic, light, and high quality
  • Very comfortable over longer period of listening
  • A good level of natural noise blocking


  • Not much negative to say really. Any improvements could be replacing the plastic around the earcups with a more high-end feel material
  • You might find matching audio performance at a slightly lower price


The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphones goes straight into my top 3 list of best headphones I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. From their light weigh, quality materials, comfortable fit, to the clean and crisp, well balanced audio performance. Yes, the price tag is a bit steep, but in my opinion you get your moneys worth.

Price & availability

The B&O BeoPlay H6 headphones are available from amongst other the BeoPlay website at £329.



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