Back to the future for the iPod Nano?

Last September Apple held its iPod event and announced the launch of the iPod Touch and the 3rd generation iPod Nano, and now we are just a month or so away from what rumours indicate is another September iPod event that could deliver an upgraded iPod Touch, a 4th generation iPod Nano, and possibly even a new iPod Classic.

As always there is never a lack of rumours around the Apple iPod, and there has been a lot of rumours of what Apple and Steve Jobs have got planned for the popular iPod player post launch of the 3g iPhone around the world.

We have heard rumours about price drop on range of iPods, supply shortage of iPod Touch, new touch screen version of iPod Nano, code in the iPhone firmware 2.1 referring to an iPod Touch 2.1, and most recently, Apple advising resellers to stock up on their bestselling iPods as there will be a supply shortage. One should never believe too much in rumours,  but when the signs become this many it is very likely that something must be just around the corner.

Perhaps we are getting our hopes up too much in a revolutionary new iPod, like we have in our iPod Touch wishlist, perhaps all we might be getting is a capacity upgrade for now. However we doubt that is the case, and that it is more likely that any new upgraded iPod will share more features with the new iPhone as far as capabilities goes, and help take the iPod as well more towards a mobile entertainment solution.

iLounge illustration of 4th generation iPod NanoiLounge earlier this week revealed their idea of the 4th generation iPod Nano with a look that goes back to the 2nd generation slim design but with a larger screen for horizontal viewing (see iLounge illustration). We earlier reported, with illustration, that the 4th generation iPod Nano would feature touch screen technology and be like a mini version of the iPod Touch. The latest rumours leans towards the back to the future solution that iLounge has illustrated, but again, it is just rumours at this stage and only time will tell what it will be.

The new slimmer 4th generation iPod Nano design will feature a screen with the same 1.5:1 widescreen aspect ratio as the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and it will keep the click wheel functionality and not have a complete touchscreen solution. If it is the case that Apple will stay with that functionality for the iPod Nano, then we want to make a bold prediction that we might see a greater upgrade for the iPod Touch to distance the two players further apart.

No matter what the next generation iPod will look like, we can’t wait to get some confirmed information, and perhaps that information will come as soon as September this year. We will keep you all posted.

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