Back to School the Apple way: Hottest Apple gadgets to get you through the school year

Whether you are just about to start university or heading back for another year at school, it is time to start thinking about what you need to stock up on to get you through the year, both in terms of school and social life. What better way to get set up than with some of the latest and hottest Apple gadgets and accessories.

Back to School Apple tech guide

MacBooks and iPads

To be as efficient  as possible in your school work there are a few necessities to consider; including a laptop and possibly a tablet computer. There are some great options available from Apple, including their all new MacBook Air, which is both ultra lightweight and portable, making it very easy and functional for taking to the lecture halls and study rooms. Plus there are a myriad of useful apps etc. that you can download that will help you both organize your lecture notes as well as access information that will enhance your learning.

MacBook Air Latest MacBook Pro Apple iPad 2 Apple iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4
MacBook Air prices MacBook Pro prices Apple iPad 2 prices iPhone 4 deals iPod Touch 4 price comparison

Perhaps you already own a laptop or a stationary desktop computer/iMac that you have in your door room/residence, and you need a tablet for use while at lectures etc. The Apple iPad 2 is the state of the art tablet solution, giving you access to the largest selection of apps around. I wish there was an iPad around when i attended university myself.

Apple back to school deal

Traditionally Apple have offered a free iPod Touch with the purchase of a MacBook/iMac as part of their back to school promotion, but this year they are instead offering £65 to spend at the Mac App Store, giving you access to several thousand useful apps for your MacBook/iMac.

See the Apple back to School promotion.

It could however be smart to compare prices on the device first as you might find it cheaper elsewhere, making up more than the £65 you get in apps from Apple with the promotion.

Think data safety

One of the worst things that can happen is loosing your schoolwork due to a failed hard drive or someone stealing your device. Apple makes it relatively easy to make sure that you always have a back up of all your work, and with iCloud coming in the next couple of months, you can also ensure that you always have a back up of your files, apps, and programs, and the ability to access the latest version on any of your Apple devices. The notes you might have taken on your iPad at lecture can be automatically synced to access on your iMac at home for example.

Theft is a big issue at Universities and unfortunately something that many students will experience. Whilst everyone should do whatever possible to ensure that they are keeping their devices in a safe place, there are also solutions that will make it easier to track down a lost or stolen Apple device. Services such as Find my iPhone will become available through the iCloud, and it supports the iPad as well. There are also security software available that will help you, and the police, track down a stolen MacBook for example.

The social side of university life

Getting tech’ed up for the school year is about more than ensuring you got the tools necessary for achieving great academic results, it is also about getting set up for the social aspect of university/school life.

iOS devices, including the iPhone 4, Apple iPad 2, and the iPod Touch 4 all come with a lot of great social elements. Music and media is right there in your pocket/bag, and access to hundred of thousands of apps through the Apple App Store will help you do anything from planning your social life, connecting with friends, find deals and offers from local businesses and much more. Having access to all of this in your pocket could easily help you save enough to cover the initial cost of the device itself.

Here are some of the key iOS accessories for student life.

Headphones: A must have for studying in peace

Some of you might prefer to study in absolute silence, but i always found that i did my best work when listening to some music on my headphones. Besides helping some of you block out outside noise and listen to your favourite music while in the study hall, a good pair of headphones are also essential for that walk/commute to school.

Check out some of the many different headphones available below, and for God’s sake, think about your fellow students and get a pair of headphones that don’t leak too much sound (not everyone will enjoy your music while in the study hall).

iPod headphones in-ear headphones over-ear headphones sport headphones bluetooth headphones
iPod/iPhone headphones Best in-ear headphones Best over-ear headphones Best headphones for sports Best bluetooth headphones

You can also find the latest discount deals on headphones here.

Speakers and docking stations: Get the party started

You already have your MacBook and iOS device, packed with music and media, and your friends are ready to party. All you need now is a speaker dock or sound system to get the party started.

Whether heading to the park for an outdoor party, having a house party, or just a few friends around to listen to some music, there are a wide variety of types and prices of speaker docks and sound systems available to you. Click on any of the categories below to get an overview of some popular systems.

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You can also find the latest iPod speakers discount deals here.

Latest discount deals and coupons

You can also check out our latest coupon code and discount deals section for more deals on Apple devices and accessories. Alternatively, visit some of the below online merchants that are running back to school promotions and deals.

Time to get some good deals out of your student loan, or your parents credit cards.


* Please note that many of the links featured in this article are affiliate links from which we might get a commission on subsequent purchases you make from merchants.

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