Azatom Tune-Stream bluetooth docking adapter

Azatom Tune-Stream bluetooth 2.1 docking adapter

Enter Azatom Tune-Stream bluetooth docking adapter to deliver wireless streaming to those that want to upgrade to latest iOS device but don’t want to change replace their current sound system with docking station.

Azatom Tune-Stream bluetooth 2.1 docking adapter

Streaming music is the name of the game these days with more and more bluetooth and AirPlay systems coming onto the market, but there are still a lot of people out there who have invested their money in more traditional iPhone speaker docks, systems that are facing changes as Apple is planning to replace the current docking solution for a smaller 9-pin dock. If you are looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5 or other coming Apple devices, then the Azatom Tune-Stream docking adapter will provide you with bluetooth streaming to your non-streaming enabled speaker dock.

The Azatom Tune-Stream is a bluetooth 2.1 adapter, which means that battery time for your iOS device while streaming is improved compared to earlier bluetooth versions. It is A2DP compatible for better audio streaming, and docks with most 30-pin docking stations (some exceptions, including 1st gen Bose SoundDock, Sony, B&W and Philips), allowing you to stream wirelessly within seconds of setting it up. The Tune-Stream is powered by the docking station itself. Once you dock it will auto-power and send a peep. Then all you have to do is find the tune-stream in your device bluetooth setting and you are good to start streaming.

Overall the Azatom Tune-Stream does exactly what it says on the box; providing you with a way to make almost any docking station bluetooth enabled. It is small, build quality is good, and streaming quality is also pretty good. The only limitations so to speak lies in bluetooth as an audio streaming technology itself, as it is not as lossless audio platform.

At the current price of £18.99 on Amazon UK the Azatom Tune-Stream is a steal to bring wireless streaming to your current wired docking set up.

[source: Azatom]


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