Azatom Stealth Air Review – AirPlay speaker with WiFi Direct support

Azatom Stealth-Air AirPlay speaker

As a UK first we have got the information, and image, of the brand new AirPlay speaker from up and coming speaker brand Azatom. Meet the Azatom Stealth-Air.

Azatom Stealth-Air AirPlay speaker

We have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of the Azatom speaker docks before and they usually come with a solid build, good specifications, and impressive audio performance, so the expectations for their first AirPlay speaker is high. Based on the specifications that we have been sent over on the new Stealth-Air, it looks promising, featuring 140W power output (peak) / 80W RMS from Class HD amp and their new Azatom DSP chip built-in.

The driver set up of the Stealth-Air includes dual 52mm anodised tweeters, a single 120mm active mid range speaker, and dual oval 150mm x 100mm mass optimised passive subwoofers. Azatom Stealth-Air is all about streaming audio, with AirPlay support, WiFi Direct connection, and for good measure, Bluetooth 2.1 for the millions out there that does not have AirPlay compatible devices.

Having had a chance to play with the Azatom Stealth Air over the recent weeks the system has impressed me with its performance. Set up of AirPlay was easy using the attached set up guide, but more importantly the audio performance is up there with the best of compact Airplay systems that I have listened to, including from more well known brands, and at much higher prices. It has plenty of punch and bass performance, without it overpowering the mid- and high-range frequencies. Vocals are clear and the overall audio stage comes across as natural, given the restrictions of compact systems like these.


The Azatom Stealth Air is a great mid-size Airplay speaker for home use. It packs plenty of power and the audio performance is surprisingly refined for its price class. In terms of value for money, this one brings some serious competition to the established market leaders in the AirPlay speaker market.

Price & availability

The Azatom Stealth-Air is now available from amongst other Amazon UK at £148.99 (£289.99) or from Azatom direct.


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11 Responses to "Azatom Stealth Air Review – AirPlay speaker with WiFi Direct support"

  1. zorro says:


    What means TBR above the test results?

    • mark says:


      wonder if you can help – I love this speakers and have them working perfectly with Bluetooth. However, lost the instructions and need them to be connected to wifi. Can’t seem to find a manual online anywhere for them and wondered if you can just look up the procedure for wifi pairing / connecting please.


      • Mark, I’ve misplaced the guide as well, but have emailed my contact at Azatom to get them to send one as pdf.

      • Mark, here are the instructions.

        Step 1: Make sure your Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) is connected to your home WiFi
        Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the speaker using the USB cable (that comes with your iOS device)
        Step 3: Press the Volume + and Power/Mode button on the top panel about share Wi-Fi settings will be displayed on your iPhone/iPad/iPod screen
        Step 4: Press ALLOW on the iPhone/iPad/iPod screen, the player will connect to the same Wi-Fi network with your iOS deivce. Wi-Fi status LED indicates from red light to green light for successfully connected.

        Hope this helps.

  2. thomas messenger says:

    The Azatom Stealth is the best…. i use it with bluetooth. From Play store, Neutron is the best pre amp with this great speaker they pass over too Neutron from your m p 3 downloader. The speaker is really great. Tommy

  3. King says:

    I hope the seller could contact me by email and let me know more about the specification of Azatom Stealth Air .thk u.

  4. Ralph says:

    The Azatom Stealt Air 2A version is a much improved version of this product.

  5. Nick Lam says:

    Got this for over a year now. Brilliant product, but lately its no longer able to pair Bluetooth devices.
    I have tried multiple Android/Laptop/iPhone devices but was unable to scan and see “Stealth Air” available.
    Wonder whether there is a way to “unhide” the Azatom device?
    I have also factory reset the Azatom Stealth Air and try pairing bluettooth again, but still the same problem. Sigh…

  6. Ellie says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to reset the speaker. I need it in wac mode ? Thanks

  7. Ted says:

    Just bought the speaker. Does it work with Samsung Galaxy Edge +? How to set up. Thanks in advance.

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