AZATOM iWood6 speaker dock with CD review

Azatom iWood6 speaker dock with CD, USB and SD card reader

Azatom is quickly establishing themselves as a value brand in the speaker dock market with a growing range of quality solutions, including one of the latest models; the Azatom iWood6.

Azatom iWood6 speaker dock with CD, USB and SD card reader

The Azatom iWood6 is sitting in the home sound system category as it quite easily covers most requirements for a compact home sound system. Not only does it support docking of most iPod, iPhone and iPad models (it is 30-pin based so you need an adapter for the new Lightning Connectors on latest iOS models), but it also comes with built in CD slot, USB reader, AUX input, S-Video Out, FM radio with 30 presets, and it takes SD cards as well. It does not have built in wireless streaming options, but you can always get a bluetooth dock adapter, such as Azatom’s own Tune-Stream bluetooth adapter.

Design and build feels high quality and sturdy. The center panel features touch control buttons and a screen that displays information such as time, audio source etc. Speakers are situated to each side of the unit behind the magnetic mesh covers that covers up dual cross over carbon fibre speakers, silk tweeters and fast flow bass ports. With 200W max power output the iWood6 continues in the same power audio league as the Azatom iWood4 and the top rated Azatom iBigBoy2, meaning the volume goes very high, enough for even the loudest of parties.

A good sound system is of course about more than just high volume and power, it is all about audio finesse. I found the Azatom iWood6 to deliver a very good audio performance across a wide range of volumes and music, from enjoying the latest Common album at high volumes, to chillin out with Esperanza Spalding at a lower volume. Having the ability to adjust both bass and treble came in useful, giving you that extra level of adjustment based on what you are listening to, although it would be nice to have that control on the touch buttons on the system as well as from the remote, or even better from a dedicated app. Personally I would also prefer a slightly more dynamic bass as it can sometimes feel a bit flat, again depending on what you are listening to.

Review summary

Overall the Azatom iWood6 is another great home audio system from this new brand. It does not quite match the iBigBoy2 in the audio department, but then again it is a quarter of the size and quite a bit cheaper. If you have already been looking at speaker docks like the Geneva Lab Model M etc. then it is well worth taking a look at the Azatom iWood6 as well in my view it represents very good value for money.

Price & Availability

You can buy the Azatom iWood 6 direct from Azatom website or from any of the below UK retailers.


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  1. Jignesh says:

    Well, the 30-pin dock is going to be a problem for new iDevice users. The system looks too cool though. Excellent specs.

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