Award winning iPod speakers of 2011 – round up

If you are in the market for a new iPod speaker dock or sound system, perhaps for Christmas, then you are in luck as the speaker and sound system market for iOS devices is better than ever. There’s a wide choice of systems, ranging from the traditional iPod speaker dock to the new wirless Airplay speakers / bluetooth speakers, and they come in all shapes and sizes. However with a wider choice comes the headache of choosing which system is right for you.

Award winning iPod speakers and sound systems 2011

To perhaps help you out a bit with narrowing down your options, i have pulled together an overview of some of the Award Winning iPod speakers and sound systems of 2011, with the addition of some of my own personal favourites based on systems i have come across in the last year.

The Award Winning sound systems of 2011

These are some of the systems that have landed an award or two in the last 12 months.

B&W Zeppelin Air: EISA European Sound Station Award

It comes as no surprise that the next generation Zeppelin speaker dock would land an award this year. It was one of the first systems to come into the market with the new Airplay streaming technology from Apple. Combine that with its iconic design and improved technical specifications and you are on to a winner. Find out more about the B&W Zeppelin Air speaker here.

Arcam rCube: What Hi-Fi Best iPod Dock £150-400 Award

The Arcam rCube might not look as design impressive as some of the other speaker docks in the market, but it is packed with quailty and sound, it is quite compact, and setting it apart from most other systems in its class, it is portable. Find out more about the Arcam rCube speaker dock here.

Logitech S715i: What Hi-Fi Best iPod Dock up to £150 Award

Another portable speaker dock that is packed with an impressive powerful and quality sound for its price, making it a very popular choice amongst iPod and iPhone owners out there. Find out more about the Logitech S715i speaker dock here.

Vita Audio R4i: What Hi-Fi Best All-in-One Music System Award

Recently i seem to see the Vita Audio R4i system pop up everywhere, and i’m not surprised as this system ticks most boxes ranging from great looks, quality build, feature packed, and great sounding. This one takes most of your audio sources, including your old CD’s, DAB radio, and of course a docked iOS device. Find out more about the Vita Audio R4i here.

Pioneer XWNAC3: EISA Soundstation Product of the Year

Pioneer have truly embraced the iOS device sound market and technology, delivering a range of speaker docks and AV receivers, and the Pioneer XW-NAC3 with dual docking stations and internet radio is one of them. Find out more about the Pioneer XW-NAC3 speaker dock here.

Revo Axis DAB alarm clock: What Hi-Fi Radio product of the Year

A small docking station enabled DAB/DAB+/FM/Internet alarm clock radio featuring a large touchscreen and an impressive performance. Read more about the Revo Axis DAB alarm clock here.

Geneva Sound Model M: What Hi-Fi Best iPod Dock £400+

This is what you get when you combine Swiss quality and design with their best in audio engineering; a stylish, functional, and well-sounding speaker dock that wins awards. Read more about the Geneva Sound Model M speaker dock here.

The iPodrepublic iOS speaker nominees of 2011

There are some great award winning systems above, and all of them would feature on my shortlist as well. Here however are some of the iPod speaker docks and sound systems that I nominate for best systems of the year, and i hope that you will leave your comments below nominating your own favourite system. Before the end of the year i will accumulate them all and we can all have a vote.

Fidek iBigBoy2: Powerful home speaker dock Award

The iBigBoy2 may be on the bulky side and not compact and small compared to many of the award winners, but they have used the size well in that it is packed with power and great sound performance. Read more about the Fidek iBigBoy2 here.

Libratone Live & Lounge: Best design speakers Award

Blame it on my Scandinavian roots, but the Danes know their design, and with the Libratone Live & Lounge speakers they have married that minimalistic design with a high-end sound. Read more about the Libratone Live & the Libratone Lounge here.

Philips Fidelio DS9: Best iPad compatible speaker dock Award

With millions of us now owning iPads it deserves its own category in the speaker dock awards, and the Fidelio DS9 is amongst my favourites that nicely cradles the iPad as well as the iPod/iPhone. Read more about the Philips Fidelio DS9 here.

Any suggestions for other award categories or nominees? Please let us know by leaving a comment below and we will create a voting post in the coming weeks, and hopefully have a price or two to give away as well.

[award sources: What Hi-Fi & EISA]


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