Artwizz sportband for iPod Touch 2G and iPod Nano 4G – Review

I’m not the greatest fan of running but realize that it is an important part of staying in shape, so when i do go running music becomes very important to get my mind of the fact that i am just running around. Music definately helps on my motivation to run and how easy the run goes.

After running with my iPod’s in my pockets i got the chance to test two of the latest iPod sportsbands from Artwizz; one for the 2nd generation iPod Touch and one for the 4th generation iPod Nano.

Artwizz iPod Touch sports armbandThe first one i tested over 5 runs was the Artwizz 2nd generation iPod Touch sportsband. After trying another model for another iPod a few years back, i have to say i was skeptical to the performance of the sportsband, especially for the size of the iPod Touch, but was surprised of the fit and performance of the Artwizz sportsband. First of all it fitted perfectly across my overarm, allowing me to fasten it comfortably without it slipping down my arm while running. The breathable neoprene material also felt very comfortable agains the skin and did not get too sticky considering i was running in nice and sunny summer weather (yes, weather has been great in Leeds lately!). The screen cover also allow you to use the normal touchscreen functionality of your iPod Touch. You will also be happy to know that the armband is washable, which is good to know after long time use as it will become sweaty.

If you enjoy listening to your iPod Touch while running i can definitely recommend the Artwizz 2nd generation iPod Touch Sportsband.

iPod Nano sports armband from ArtwizzThe Artwizz Sportsband for the 4th generation iPod Nano is also made of the same breathable neoprene material, has the same fit qualities as the iPod Touch one, and other people have also tried mines with various overarm size and running habits, and all of them have fed back that the sportsband sat securely and comfortably on their arm while running. There are probably more people running with an iPod Nano then with the iPod Touch due to the size of the iPod, but it is still as important as ever to have something that makes running comfortable while enjoying the music on your iPod. The Artwizz sportsbands definately fit that purpose.


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  1. Mr. Quim says:

    Woow it’s a very cool acessory to ipod touch

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