Artists using iPod commercials to promote themselves

It is no secret that several fairly unknown artists have received a career boost after having a song appear in an iPod commercial from Apple, but we also see established artists using the iPod ads to promote themselves.

Example 1 is one of the most recent iPod ads featuring Coldplay and the song “Viva la Vida” from their brand new album  with the same name. Although the ad is primarily for the iPod there is definately a synergy between the music and the player, so it makes sense that Apple uses famous artists as well to sell their iPod.

Other artists that has received a popularity boost after having a song featured in an iPod commercial is Leslie Feist with the song “1,2,3,4″ that was featured in an iPod Nano commercial, and the Ting Tings with the song “Shut up and let me go” recently used in an iPod ad.

Now i guess we will just have to wait and see who the next featured artists will be.


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