Are Apple Stores preparing for an NFC future this weekend

Thursday the 19th May will mark the 10th anniversary for the first ever Apple Store, and according to a recent BoyGeniusReport post it looks like Apple has got something big planned for the weekend.

According to the report there will be an overnight shift of people working from late Saturday through to Sunday preparing stores for what reports indicate is new hardware. As always with Apple, it is all very much secret so far, but it is being speculated that the stores will adapt NFC (near field communication) technology for payments.

Apple’s interest in NFC and e-wallet technology has been no secret, but so far the technology has not found its way into any of Apple’s devices. There has been several rumors back and forth about the next iPhone 5 receiving NFC technology, so if Apple is preparing their retail stores to accept mobile payments, then that would be seen as a clear sign that coming Apple devices will feature NFC chips.

Something is definitely up and we will bring you the latest on this as it develops. For now we will just have to wait until the curtains open up.


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