AQ Smartspeaker gets new color options with replaceable covers

If you already own an AQ Smartspeaker or are thinking about buying one, the company has now added  more colour options for customers through replaceable coloured snap-on covers.

AQ Smartspeaker A2

The new interchangeable colour covers will fit both the Smartspeaker A1 portable and the Smartspeaker A2, bringing a bit of colour to your life for a small fee of £8 per cover, available from their website. The covers themselves are made of fine fabric over a moulded honeycomb grille, and easily snaps on and off the front of the speaker.

Colour covers for the AQ Smartspeaker is available in the following colours: Emerald Green, African Violet, Poppy Red, Orange Zest, as well as the standard Black Astro that comes as default on the speakers anyway. Should you buy a new speaker with a coloured cover you will also get the black astro cover by default as an extra according to their website.

Always nice to see a simple level of customization available for all accessories.


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