Change we can believe in: the new world of mobile applications

The man behind “change we can believe in” himself used mobile applications to secure his presidency and now as Apple is approaching 1 billion downloaded applications through its iTunes App Store, we are definately seeing the emergence of one of the fastest growing industries the world has ever seen.

I think even Steve Jobs was not thinking of a billion downloads in 8 months when he stood on that podium and announced the new application store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, a store that has now become another one of those great success stories of technology, the internet, and Apple themselves.

But the iPhone and other modern mobile phones running applications, and the application market itself, are not the only ones changing the world, business, and life. The primary drivers are the ones that are utilizing the new technology to access new markets with their products, and changing distribution channels and improving their own business models.

Every day dozens of new applications are approved by Apple to enter the exclusive distribution channel that is the iTunes App Store. I have discussed the iTunes App Store business model in an earlier post, and although it is a great way for Apple to control the marketplace and increase their own revenue, it also provides smaller companies and developers with an instant distribution channels and a market of millions, whether you are providing a useful application that might revolutionize communication, or just providing a free advertising driven app that play fart sounds.

Although many of the most popular applications downloaded for the iPhone and iPod Touch to date are mobile versions of classic games, such as pacman, or social network applications such as Facebook, there are also many applications that are doing everything from revolutionizing communication for medical professionals, to provide new ways to communicating with fans, such as what Nine Inch Nails application are aiming to do.

What we are once again seeing is that the ones that are able to see the possibilities of new technology and new distribution channels, and who are not afraid of what impact it might have on current distribution channels or business models, are the ones that in the future might see the most success. Adapting something as popular as mobile applications into your business plans will surely open up new opportunities, even if it means that your business model have to change with it. This is change we can believe in.

We will going forward look at applications that are doing just that, changing the market, changing distribution, and changing business models, not to mention changing peoples lives. You can subscribe to our RSS feed here to make sure you won’t miss a thing.


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