Apple WWDC: The expectations of iPhone HD and what might not be

All Apple fans are now on official countdown towards Monday 7th June when Steve Jobs will once again take centerstage to present the next big thing from Apple, or if all rumours are correct, the 4th generation iPhone 4G, also referred to as iPhone HD. But what can we expect, and what might not come true?

The Apple WWDC is about so much more than just the iPhone, although for the first day it is expected to take centerstage and all focus. For Apple that could be both positive and negative, as there is a lot of pressure and expectations related to the 4th generation iPhone and its features following the “lost” iPhone prototype. Should Apple fail to deliver on the market expectations for the iPhone, they could soon find themselves in a situation where more people could be considering other smartphone alternatives, including the ever improving Android based handsets.

As for the expectations to the 4th generation iPhone, why not check out our iPhone 4G rumour central. Some of the key elements however include:

  • Improved screen with a 960×640 resolution (close to HD)
  • Front facing camera for video callling, as well as improved regular camera with LED flash
  • Improved battery life –  very important in our book
  • Improved processor and memory
  • and hopefully some Apple magic

The new iPhone 4G / iPhone HD is pretty much a given to be announced, but what else can we expect from Steve Jobs and Apple at the keynote speak. Here are some thoughts based on rumours over the last few weeks and months.

iPhone 4.0 OS

This is not even a question mark as Apple has already presented the features of the iPhone 4 OS, which includes improved multitasking solutions, unified mailbox, iBooks for iPhone, and local notifications. All we are waiting for when it comes the new OS is the public release date, expected to be shortly after the WWDC.


With the expected front facing camera, combined with clues in the developer version of the iPhone 4OS around iChat feature, the 4th generation iPhone might not just be set up for video calling, but also for webcam chats with other iChat users that might be using their Macs.

Video streaming

The people at Wired seem to think that video streaming might be one of the other big announcements Apple will be making at the WWDC keynote, and their predictions for last years WWDC was spot on. The belief is that Apple will combine the capacity of their massive data center with the features of the aquired LaLa service to start providing music and media streaming through iTunes.

Touch sensitive housing for iPhone 4G

This has been rumoured before, but there has been no clear indications from the prototypes that have found their way onto the market. A touch sensitive casing with features similar to the MagicMouse could mean that you would be able to have multi touch controls without actually looking at the screen.  Challenge for this i guess would be how to control turning that feature on and off, to avoid the iPhone getting a life of its own while resting in your pocket or purse.

New Apple TV running iPhone OS

Engadget seem confident that Apple will announce the next generation Apple TV running on an architecture based on the iPhone 4 and running iPhone OS, with a very low price point of $99. This will be achieved by limiting the physical storage and instead using cloud technology and streaming of content instead. This could also mean that you could find yourself in a situation where you could run apps on your tv in full HD.

Now over to what is unlikely to be featured or announced at the WWDC.

Verizon iPhone

For now it seems unlikely that Verizon customers , and many AT&T customers too, will get the announcement they have been waiting years for – Apple announcing the iPhone for Verizon. There are many reports about what the possible launch date might be for a Verizon CDMA iPhone, ranging from September this year for the most optimistic, to sometime on 2011/12.

Adobe flash on iPhone

With the heated exchanges of words and opinions about each others products that followed the iPhone OS 4 announcement, where flash support was once again left out, it is very unlikely that Apple will change their mind about allowing flash on the iPhone. Whether right or wrong, a lot of customers have been asking for flash support on their iPhones, but it is very unlikely that it will ever happen. Here are some of the reasons why Apple is against flash on iPhone.

There are just 3 days left until we get to find out what exactly Apple will be delivering to the world, so fingers crossed!


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