Apple unleashes the improved iPod earbuds

We have talked about these new and improved iPod earbuds before, but according to online news sources these new iPod earphones with mic is now ready for the market, although we have yet to find a UK retailer selling them, including Apple’s own online store.

If you are looking to buy a new iPod Touch 2G or an 4G iPod Nano, they will not come with these new earbuds, as these are the upgrade model that you will have to pay extra for. However they are said to become available in two different models, one with dual driver and one with single driver. Both of them will feature mic and remote control.

Especially the new dual-driver iPod earphones are expected to be a new and popular addition as they deliver improved sound picture to the standard iPod earphones, with a frequency response rate of 5Hz to 21kHz.

iPhone users might be a bit dissappointed though as it is at the moment unclear if these are compatible with the 3G iPhone.

If you are looking for new iPod earphones with built in mic to take advantage of the recording capabilities of the new generation iPod’s, or perhaps to be able to make Skype calls with iPod Touch using Fring application, then there are other alternatives, such as the Griffin Tunebuds with mic.

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3 Responses to "Apple unleashes the improved iPod earbuds"

  1. TheAnimaster says:

    Sony has had these (without the mic and remote) for what… 2 or three years already? Take a look at the SONY EX-75LPs and similar in-earphones — DUAL drivers… even better implemented than these new iPod earbuds, IMHO. We’ll see.

    Now sound quality is one thing, but Apple has been notoriously crappy with building earbuds. Stock iPod earbuds are always known to break down in less than 3 months or, if you’re luckier — 3 days – AFTER the warranty on them expires.

    The only time I’m going to be getting one of these is when I et a new iPod. That’ll probably be in the next 2 years, and I bet my already-2-year-old set of Sony earbuds will still be working then.

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