Is there more behind Apple’s coming iPhone OS3 release? Next generation iPhone

After spending the last week reading about all the different thoughts and opinions around the coming Apple event were they will share for the first time what might be hidden in the new upgrade to the iPhone OS 3.0 – and what we will all be looking for is more signs of an upgraded next generation iPhone being around the corner.

There has never been a lack of rumors around the iPhone and what Apple will be bringing next given the increasing pressure from competitors such as Android based phones, RIM Blackberry, and the coming PalmPre, as well as the knowledge that the iPhone 3G was released with some limitation, including the lack of copy and paste functionality and true background processing, allowing you to run several applications at the same time.

These are some of the improvements to the iPhone operating system that the public will be looking for in the new iPhone OS 3.0 this coming week. And behind the curtain we will all be dissecting every word from Apple to search for any hints of when the next generation iPhone might be out.

This Apple software event comes almost exactly a year after Apple announced their iPhone 2.0 operating system and the news that third party application development program would be released, which is better known as the iPhone SDK. Recently there has been comments about Apple being slow to renew current SDK licenses, as the new iPhone OS 3.0 might require a new and improved SDK platform as well, so iPhone application developers will be watching this upcoming event closely.

Should this event bring more than just information on the new iPhone OS 3.0 features then we will be keeping our eyes and ears out for what the next generation iPhone will feature, such as replaceable battery and front facing camera for video conferencing and multimedia messaging capabilities.

There is no doubt that as we approach the 1 year anniversary for the iPhone 3G there is much to be excited about in terms of what will be coming next from the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.


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