Apple testing 2nd generation Apple iPad

It seems that less than 6 months after the revolutionary Apple iPad was launched, Apple are already planning the follow up 2nd generation Apple iPad.Earlier in the week rumours emerged that Apple was testing an improved processor for their next iPad. The ARM Cortex A9 processor would make the iPad that bit quicker while noticeably lengthening its battery life.

Today more rumors have emerged about other developments that Apple are planning for their 2nd generation Apple iPad.

They have reportedly been testing an electronic Gyroscope that along with the device’s existing accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and magnetic compass would make the iPad even more aware of the world around it. Apparently there is a spare slot on the device beside the accelerometer that could take a gyroscope according to TechInsights’ product manager Steve Bitton.

2 believable rumors in a week would lead you to believe that something was really happening. At a time though when demand is outstripping supply for the Apple iPad, would Apple really be looking to bring out an upgraded version so soon? I think if they are testing, the launch of a next generation device will not be until at least April next year.

Apple will have enough demand for their device through Christmas 2010 and so have no need to boost sales with an upgrade, especially considering that we might be looking at an Apple iPad Mini as well before Christmas.

In addition, while manufacturing lines are full with the current model, it’s inconceivable that they would have capacity to be looking at an upgraded device at this time.

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Author: Chris Gorney who is owner and editor of Cheapest Apple iPad covering the latest news and the best deals to be had from the world of the Apple iPad. Follow him on Twitter.


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