Apple Tablet confirmed for September

According to an Financial Times article it is confirmed that Apple will be launching a much rumored Apple Tablet solution this coming September, a touchscreen device with a reported 10 inch screen that will take up the challenge with the likes of Amazon Kindle for reading ebooks etc.

The Apple Tablet has probably been the most rumored new device from Apple in a long time as the market has been expecting a reply from Apple to the success of the netbooks and the Amazon Kindle. The rumors have focused around an overgrown iPod Touch, with the same functionality but a much larger screen. At the moment there is very little information about exactly what  the features of the Apple Tablet will be, except for the 10 inch screen, making it a great device for reading ebooks, watching movies, or surfing the net.

Apple Tablet illustration as created by Gizmodo

It is much believed that the Apple Tablet will feature the same functionality more or less as of the iPod Touch, possibly with the opportunity of connecting an external keyboard to make it compete with the netbooks in the market.

Some of the questions raised circle around what type of applications will be made available for the Apple Tablet, as the current app store applications have a different resolution, and many doubt that it will feature all the normal macbook applications. However there is a possibility that it will feature resolution independent apps as per an earlier Apple patent.

The other much asked question will of course be the price point, which some expect to be somewhere in the middle between the price of the iPhone 3GS and the cheapest macbooks, perhaps in the $800-900 range (approx £500). Either way if Apple has done their job right on this, and it has access to the thousands of applications on the iTunes App Store, this should be another hit from Apple.

With these new rumors i am sure that both the people at Amazon and other producers of similar devices will be slightly worried about exactly what Apple has got up their sleeve with the Apple Tablet.

We will continue to cover the rumors and news around the Apple Tablet going forward.


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  1. retry4 says:

    This is another revelution happening here, one more way apple will change the modern day standard for computers. It’s briliant, it’s like a portable touch screen MacBook! (Did you notice apple is starting to add more touch screens into their devices.)


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