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We followed the launch of todays Apple event that launched the new Apple iPad tablet device that has been rumored and speculated around for so many months. You can read our live reporting below, or read more about our views of the new Apple iPad here.

19:35: The event is now over with participants getting a chance at some hands -on testing. We will be back with more information and thoughts later on, but for now  we share the same feelings as many of you on twitter and other forums; did the iPad live up to the hype generated and does it actually revolutionize anything? From what we have seen we can’t help but being slightly dissappointed, but happy to be proven wrong. Please share your view by leaving comments below.

19:33: Steve is summarizing now about what will make the iPad a big success, such as the app store and the new iBookstore on iTunes, as well as already having a massive customer base that knows how to use their products.

19:31: The big question is; can the iPad take over for the netbook market? or is it more likely to compete with the likes of Amazon Kindle, which recently announced they are working on their own app store?

19:29: So far nothing about being able to make phone calls on the iPad, and equally important, multitasking, which is a big letdown.

19:27: None of the models featured in the presentation so far has had camera. For a device like this we would expect it to have at least the same type of camera as the iPhone, and even a front facing webcam for video calling through VOiP etc.

19:25: Time for some accessories, such as the keyboard dock that gives the iPad an none digital keyboard.

19:23: Shipping of the iPad starts in 60 days time worldwide, with 90 days for the 3G models.

19:22: The basic 16gb model will cost $499, with the price for the top 64gb model coming in at $799. The 3G models will cost an additional $130, so $829 for the top model.

19:20: iPad pricing starts as low as $499!

19:18: All iPad 3G will be unlocked and use GSM micro SIMs

19:16: Steve announced breakthrough deal with AT&T that provides unlimited data for a pre-paid (no contract) $29.99. International deals expected in June/July.

19:14: Finally they announce that selected models will also have 3G mobile data connection capabilities.

19:13: The iPad syncs with iTunes in the same way as the iPhone and iPod Touch, using USB.

1859: Now this is interesteing, iWork is available for the iPad!

18:54: Steve is back on stage to talk about iBooks, the native digital book app for the Apple iPad.

18:46: The popular brushes app looks really cool on the iPad. Can definitely have some fun with that one.

18:43: The New York Times showing off their native app and what a great experience it is to read the paper on the iPad, including watching embedded video on articles.

18:40: The Apple iPad will be available in 16-64GB flash memory, featuring 802.11n  WiFi and bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Nothing about mobile data connection so far.

18:37: New iPhone SDK available today supporting the new iPad format.

18:34: So far they have not shown anything that indicates multitasking capabilities.

18:34: The iPad can pixel double third party apps making gaming a full screen event.

18:32: Can run all iPhone apps unmodified.

18:29: The specs are  0.5 inches thich weighting in at 1.5 pounds, 9.7 inch IPS display, running their own 1GHz Apple A4 chip, Multi touch screen, accelerometer and compass, 10 hour play time on battery with up to a month standby.

18:27: HD video looks very good on the Apple iPad.

18:26: Looks like it has got a strong chip as zooming in and out of graphic and maps is very smooth.

18:21: Watching photos is very much like using iPhoto

18:17: Looks like there is still no flash support.

18:15: Functionality looks very similar to that of the iPhone in terms of slide to unlock etc.

18:13: The iPad definitely looks a lot like the many speculations that we have seen earlier. It is thin and looks really good. Features a big digital QWERTY keyboard.

18:11: The Apple iPad is the official name of the tablet device.

18:10: The focus has been on creating something that delivers browsing, email, pictures, videos etc better than both the laptop and the smartphone.

18:09: A quick run through of the history of the portable computer at the moment.

18:07: Last time there was this much talk about a Tablet the commandments where written on them.

18:05: Apple has sold over 250 million iPod’s since the gadget was first launched, an impressive milestone.

18:04: Steve Jobs is at the podium  taking about the launch of this unique new product.

18:02: The lights are going off and things are starting to happen.

17.36 UK time: All the press and media are starting to enter the building. Online there are already images circulating of what could be the uni-body backside of the Apple Tablet.


The latest rumorsFlurry Analytics have been picking up a lot of testing from what is expected to be the Apple Tablet over the last few weeks according to Gizmodo, and they have been able to pinpoint the testing to Apple HQ in Cupertino, California. The device is also running what is referred to as OS 3.2 which is different to the current iPhone OS 3.1. It is expected that the OS 3.2 is a modified version for the Tablet, and based on the findings from Flurry Analytics it sounds like app developers are already working hard on it. It is also rumored that the NY Times are already working on a content app for the Tablet.

Flurry Analytics as referred to from Gizmodo

Conde Nast is also reported to be working on what they themselves refer to as “technologies that will allow the company to design and produce a new generation of digital magazines”.  Given that many believe that the Tablet will be primarily an entertainment platform, digital content like books, magazines, and newspapers will be a key feature of the content for the Tablet.

It is not only the features that are kept a secret, but the name is also anybodys guess, although the popular ones at the moment is the Apple Tablet, iSlate, and iPad, with  the first two being the ones that are getting the majority of the votes. Hitwise has done some research in their massive amount of search data and found out that the pre-release buzz around the Apple Tablet event beats the buzz around the iPhone before its launch. In fact, interest for the term “apple tablet” beat out any other Apple related product search by double the volume.

Price and screen

The price tag is always important, and it is still believed that the Apple Tablet will come with a price tag that is sub $1000 / £600, which raises questions around it featuring an OLED screen given that those are hard to come by in a 10 inch size with a price tag of $400 alone. It might well be that the Apple Tablet will come in more than one version, with the main one coming with a LCD touchscreen instead to keep the price at a point that makes it competitively priced in a though market.

User interaction and functionality

Much has been said about how the Apple Tablet will actually work; are we looking at an overgrown iPhone in terms of functionality, or are we closer to a combination of the iPhone and a macbook? If we are to believe the rumor mill we might be looking at something that is challenging our thinking even further, but it still need to have the basics, including a way to type.

With a large touchscreen we are likely to be looking at amongst other a QWERTY digital keyboard, but it is also rumored that the Tablet will have docking functionality to be used with a dock accessory that also features a more standard keyboard.

It will also be very interesting to see if the Apple Tablet will work directly with all the thousands of apps available through the iTunes App Store, or if developers around the world will have to do some modifications to their apps for them to work as smoothly with the larger screen Apple Tablet.


No device these days comes without wi-fi so we can pretty much guarantee that will be a feature of the Apple Tablet as well, but if we are to believe other rumors the device will also support more than one mobile network, including Verizon in the US with it being rumored to feature the new wireless chip from Qualcomm. It is believed that Apple has been working on building a relationship with Verizon for a long time to end the AT&T monopoly on contracts for the iPhone in the US.

This would also be in line with earlier rumors that the Apple Tablet will only be available in the US following launch, and potentially at a subsidized price in association with Verizon on a data contract.


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  1. Lots of of bloggers are not too pleased with this new iPad.There was just too much hoopla over it and alot people got disapointed.You see, I actually see great deal of the cool potential uses of this device. Third-party applications for composing tunes, games, papers and magazines and books, tons of cool stuff, but IMHO they failed to sell it very well (excluding the books). It looks kinda not finished

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