Apple Tablet rumors resurface ahead of September iPod event

In the last few months there has been plenty of talk about Apple maybe entering the netbook market, rumors that have been turned down by Apple but that the market has not quite taken seriously. However since the announcement of the iPhone OS 3.o where there were code references to an unknown Apple device, many have believed those references were to a device that sits somewhere between an iPod and a netbook, referred to as the iPod Tablet, or Apple Tablet.

The latest Apple Tablet rumors surfaced from Taiwanese website InfoTimes (in chinese) announcing that the much talked about device will feature a 9.7inch touchscreen and with an expected retail price of about $800 (about £500), and that it will hit markets around October this year, which is usually when Apple releases products that have been announced at their annual September iPod event.

Apple Tablet mock upThe rumored specs of the Apple Tablet computer indicates that it is not quite a netbook, but also not quite an iPod, but rather sitting somewhere in between. What is interesting about the concept though is bringing the best of the iPod functionality and portability to the more netbook style device. Based on a design mockup from PcWorld we could be looking at somethint that design wise looks like an overgrown iPod Touch with its 9.7 inch touchscreen. It is not believed to have an external keyboard, but would find it very likely that there will be compatible wireless keyboards available with the device as an accessory.

Now the Apple Tablet device would most likely be aimed towards the portable entertainment market, as a full service alternative to other portable media devices, for both good sized media entertainment center as well as to access the internet and email etc. The touchscreen functionality and format of the reported Apple Tablet could lend itself to many varied functions linked up with the iTunes App Store for full access to same applications as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A pre-christmas release would also make a lot of sense in terms of securing a flying start for this new device that has been going around the rumor mill in the last few months.


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  1. adding to twitter this is great info.

  2. Excellent blog entry.

    What’s your take of the iPad Touch?

    I tell ya, I was disappointed this thing should have been awesome instead they settled for a cheap device.

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