Apple with impressive sales figures – 450,000 iPads

At the event last Thursday which saw Apple present the coming iPhone 4.0 OS that includes new features such as multitasking and interface changes, they also took the opportunity to share some “figures of success” with the rest of the world – including 450,000 Apple iPads sold in less than a week in the US.

The Apple iPad sold over 300,000 on day 1 when it went on sale on Easter Saturday, and it looks like it has kept up the momentum since then, with Steve Jobs claiming they are very busy keeping up with demand for their latest product release.

To back up the sales success of the Apple iPad hardware itself is the news that there has also been 600,000 iBooks downloaded and 3.5 million iPad Apps – meaning there is more money in the pocket of Apple.

But it was not only the Apple iPad that could impress with sales figures, as Apple also announced that they have sold over 50 million iPhones and 35 million iPod Touches since their first launch, and that the iTunes App Store can brag about delivering more than 4 billion sold Apps since its launch.

As for the new iPhone 4.0 OS, it will become available for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch owners in June, at the same time as it is expected that Apple will announce the release of the next generation hardware iPhone 4G, with the possibility of a 4th generation iPod Touch G4 coming later in the year, unless the rumours are true that Apple is looking to bring a smaller version of the Apple iPad into the market early next year.

There are now 185,000 Apps available in the iTunes App Store, but it would be interesting to see some statistics about usage of the Apps, such as the percentage of overall apps that see weekly usage.

As for the Apple iPad, our own poll shows that only about 10% of our readers were sure of buying an Apple iPad, with most saying that it is missing too many features, including camera, and quite a few deciding to wait for the next version to hit the market before making their final purchase decision.


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