Your new iPod Touch 4 or iPod Nano 6 is in the mail: Apple start shipping new iPods

Customers who have pre-ordered the new iPod Touch 4 and the new iPod Nano Multi-touch are now starting to report that they are receiving shipment confirmations from Apple that their new devices are on the way.

Following the announcment of the new iPod line up at the Apple Music event last week, especially the new iPod Touch 4 with Retina display and dual cameras have been well received in the market, although there are no official pre-order numbers out from Apple yet. TiPb readers are reporting that some of them are expecting to receive their new iPod Touch 4 as early as toward the end of the week.

Here in the UK Apple is reporting through their site that shipment for the new iPod Touch is expected in 5-7 business days, while for the iPod Nano they are reporting 7-10 business days, so there might still be about 2 weeks until people properly start receiving their new iPods.

Apple ready to ship new iPod Touch 4

If you have pre-ordered your new iPod Touch 4 or iPod Nano Multi-touch, we are keen to hear from you on expected delivery dates, so please leave a comment below with your order status.

As for those that have not yet ordered your new iPod, check out our updated best price iPod Touch 4 and best price iPod Nano tables right here.


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3 Responses to "Your new iPod Touch 4 or iPod Nano 6 is in the mail: Apple start shipping new iPods"

  1. renzoski says:

    Since you would like to know how the ordering and shipping went for my new iPod Touch 4G. It went really well. Ordered the Touch at about 1 am September 2nd. They shipped it from China on September 7th and arrived at 9:24 am on the 10th of September at my door. Only have had the new Touch for a few days. Haven’t been able to use the new face time since South Dakota is a AT&T deadzone and I there isn’t a whole lot people in this area that would have the FaceTime capabilities. But the cameras work great! Just to note there isn’t a LED flash on the Touch. So if it’s dark you better have a pocket flash light with you. The new Touch is slightly narrower then it’s predecessors. So the old covers larger and don’t fit well. Still looking for something that will fit. That why I was looking ipodrepublic to see if there were any available yet.
    Well with the new screen and processing power and the other features you shouldn’t be disappointed in the New iPod Touch 4G.

  2. barball says:

    i like ipod touch gen 4

  3. Kiddy says:

    Unlike last year’s iPod touch update, this one’s a complete overhaul to the entire line. Last year, the new models didn’t change in appearance. On the inside, faster processors and double-memory were added to the 32GB & 64GB models, but the 8GB got left out. Not this time. Buying the new 8GB iPod touch indeed gets you all the new goodies. You’ll also pay thirty bucks more than before, so consider buying the 32GB model instead. You’ll get 400% of the storage capacity for only 23% more coin!

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