Busy weekend for Apple as they record 9 million iPhone sales

It has been a busy few days for Apple around the world as the new iPhone 5S and 5C went on sale, recording a massive 9 million units sold in the first 3 days, a new record even for Apple, despite analyst raising doubt over smartphone market being saturated (they might still be proven right).

iPhone 5S and 5C

Amidst reports that people have paid homeless people to queue outside Apple stores for them, it seems that Apple has had a successful launch weekend for their new iPhone 5S and 5C. 9 million units is an impressive number, even with the amount of customers Apple already have. Although the exact breakdown is not available, It’s likely that a large part of the sales was repeat customers for Apple, current iPhone owners upgrading to the latest models.

This also marks the first time that Apple have launched two new versions into the market at the same time, and if we are to believe data from Mixpanel, the more expensive iPhone 5S outsold the 5C two-to-one. But, it is also important to see the record sales in context with earlier iPhone releases. For example, this launch took place simultaneously in more market than previous releases, including China, which is expected to have counted for around 3 million sales.

Whilst the iPhone was setting new sales records, Apple also released the new iOS7, the brand new interface of iOS devices that have received mixed reviews amongst iPhone users, seeing the new version installed on over 200 million devices since released. No wonder download times over the first 48 hours was a bit slow!

Have you bot the new iPhone 5S or 5C yet? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.

[Source: Guardian]

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