Apple shoots secret commercial for new product – iPod Touch or the new Tablet?

The hot story of the day seems to come from the local newspaper in Truckee, California, the Sierra Sun, covering Apple shooting a commercial for a secret product at the “Jax at the tracks” 40′s style diner owned by Bud Haley. Now the story is not Apple shooting a commercial at a diner, but rather the secret product part, as this could be the final preparations for the launch of the 3rd generation iPod Touch, or even the much rumored Apple Tablet solution.Following the online chatter about this at the moment it is all a lot of speculations, as let’s face it, Apple is not going to reveal what it is before they are ready. However, the majority of people seem to lean towards the location being used to show off the photo and video capabilities of the camera of the new 3rd generation iPod Touch.

What could support a shoot for the brand new Apple Tablet, a new product in the Apple family, is that the location of the shoot breaks with the much loved formats of Apple iPod commercials, shot in studios against a white backdrop highlighting the features of the device. Perhaps Apple is going in a different direction with a brand new product?

We are keen to hear your thoughts on this leading up to the big revelation, hopefully in September some time. Leave your opinions in the comments field below.


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3 Responses to "Apple shoots secret commercial for new product – iPod Touch or the new Tablet?"

  1. George says:

    I am so glad i waited for the 3rd gen Touch.
    My birthday was 2 months ago but the wait is almost over (hopefully).

    My main hope is for a good camera and video camera and for a speed boost like the iPhone has received. Maybe a black backing instead of a silver smudge magnet one the current touch has.

    All these tablet rumors are getting exiting to.
    I reckon Apple may be moving away from the white background ads for all its products. They’ve been going on for ages and deserve to be jazzed up.

  2. retry4 says:

    is there a photo of them filming?


  3. I own the 3rd gen 64gb touch. I can’t help but feel inadequate to iphone users.

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