Apple could be ‘uncovering’ a surface style keyboard cover for iPad 5

With new iPads being the hot ticket for tomorrows Apple event, a few people have being speculating around the message around the event, and especially about the ‘more to cover’ part of the messaging. One of the interpretations include Apple getting ready to deliver a Surface style keyboard cover for the iPad 5.

iPad smart cover

Image source: IBTimes

There are already quite a few third party options available in the market that delivers a combination of coverage and bluetooth keyboard capabilities, including one of my functional favourites in the Belkin Ultimate iPad keyboard case. That said, none of them are delivering it in a style that Apple would likely deliver themselves, and it could result in more adoption of the iPad for business use.

According to former Apple employee and tech industry commentator Jamie Ryan, Apple has been working in prototypes of this sort for a while already. Combine that with the messaging in the event invite, and that the iPad 5 is likely to have a design form factor similar to iPad Mini, you have a case for the argument that Apple could be delivering a brand new cover that incorporates a Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard. If they do deliver on this, one thing is for sure, it will Apple stamped all over it.

[Source: Gizmodo via James Ryan]

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