Apple releases software upgrade for iPod Nano 6 to match new Nano

Following the media event where Apple announced the new iPod Nano with new features, they have also released the same new features in a software upgrade for the 6th generation iPod Nano now available to download through iTunes.

New iPod Nano software update 2.1 released for iPod Nano 6 owners

The news that you can get the same new features for the 6th generation iPod Nano raises the question of if the new iPod Nano is new at all, or just the same iPod Nano with the new firmware. I am still trying to find out if for example the accelerometer on the new iPod Nano 7 (if that really exists) is improved for better use of built in fitness apps. Will let you all know as soon as i find out.

iPod Nano software update 2.1 can be found by connecting your iPod Nano to iTunes and click on look for update. Some of the new features the software brings to your Nano is 16 new clock interfaces, better navigation, and new Nike+ fitness features. For owners of the 6th gen iPod Nano users can also switch between the new and the older interface in the iPod Nano settings according to Macstories.

Looks like Apple has just updated the software of the iPod Nano and at the same time been nice enough to provide the update for free to current Nano owners.


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