A historic Q3 result for Apple – Strong performance from iPad, iPhone, Macs, and the iPod Touch

Apple earlier this week held their Q3 financial results presentation and boy did they deliver, posting record results with revenue of $15.7 billion and profit of $3.25 billion on the back of strong sales figures throughout their product portfolio.

In terms of sales volume the iPod range was still leading the way with 9.4 million units sold in the 3rd quarter, which was down 8% against last year quarter. The iPod Touch showed strong performance with 48% year over year growth, helping overall iPod revenue grow 4%. Considering the new Apple products launched recently many would say that is not a bad performance for the iPod at all. With expected new iPod releases coming in Q4 there might still be a bit more milk left in this Apple cash cow, including from a possible new 4th generation iPod Touch 4 with camera.

The big stories though was the sales figures for the new iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad. Starting with the Apple iPad, it delivered sales of 3.27 million for the 3rd quarter, and it could likely have been much higher considering that demand in most countries have far outweighted supply. Soon Apple will launch the Apple iPad in 9 more countries as well, so expect sales figures to increase in the coming quarters.

iPhone sales came in at 8.4 million units for Q3, an impressive 61% unit growth.  The new iPhone 4 contributed with 1.7 million units sold since launch, again being limited by initial supply in the 5 countries where it has so far been launched. No signs that the so called “antennagate” has had any impact on sales volume of the new iPhone 4, and Apple offering free cases/bumpers for those that have bought the iPhone 4 so far should not even make a tiny dent in their overall profits, expected to cost them about $175 million.

Apple confirmed that they are working hard to ensure that “we are working around the clock to try to get supply and demand in balance”. So we should still expect longer lead times on both these products.

The Mac also showed strong sales with 3.47 million units shifting in Q3, which is a new unit record and an uplift of 33% year on year.

We should not forget the iTunes Store either as it drove in revenue exceeding $1 billion for the quarter, a 25% growth year on year. The App Store now has more than 225,000 apps available, including over 11,000 iPad apps, and since its launch there has been over 5 billion downloads.


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