Apple pushing AirPlay in new tv ads for iPhone 4 despite lack of systems

Apple has recently launched two new iPhone 4 tv ads that features Apple AirPlay and Facetime functionality as reasons for getting the iPhone 4, but is this a final attempt to push iPhone 4 sales prior to launch of iPhone 5, and are they flogging a system that is still suffering from a lack of system take up?


Although take up of Apple AirPlay streaming technology is starting to improve amongst audio & visual manufacturers, there are still a limited range of system on the market, and for most of the features in the new ad you need to have a 2nd generation Apple TV to go along with your iPhone 4, which means another £90 to shell out to unleash all the great features you have been sold in the ads.

There is nothing new about Apple creating and promoting features in one of their products that require you to buy another one as well; that is how they reel you in and make sure that you become a full fledged member of the Apple community.

For Apple to promote the iPhone 4 now, given all the rumors about a late August launch of the iPhone 5, could be an indication that they are looking to (a) push inventory ahead of the new product launch, or (b) they are trying to slow down sales figures for Android handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, ahead of getting their own dual core handset onto the market. Most likely it is a combination of both.

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iPhone 4 ads featuring Apple AirPlay


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