Apple preps website for Christmas with 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Its that time of the year again, and Apple is kicking off their Christmas activity with launching their own 2012 Gift Guide on their website, and to no surprise, the iPad Mini is one of the highlights.

Apple gift guide Christmas 2012

The fact that the iPad Mini takes a center stage in the Gift Guide should come as no surprise, as it is the new marketing golden child that Apple hopes will steal some of the thunder from Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus 7. But you will find plenty more than just the iPads in the Apple Gift Guide, as they have broken it down into sections based on type of device (iPad, Mac, iPhone and iPod). Each section featuring the devices themselves, but also the large selection of accessories that comes with them.

Based on the accessories featured in the gift guide, which includes amongst other the B&W A5 AirPlay sound system, the Parrot Ziik wireless headphones, and the Parrot AR Drone 2.0, it looks like we are in for a pricy Christmas this year. In fact, the average price of the products featured in the gift guide, including Apple’s own products, comes out at £174. Gone are the days of cheap knitted socks and mittens!

You can also check out our own Christmas 2012 gift guide here.

[source: Apple UK]


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  1. Miranda says:

    THAT IS A GREAT PRICE FOR THE IPAD MINNI. I thought it would be somewhere aroun 200-300 dollors. Good going Apple!!

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