Apple preparing for launch of new iPod range

There seems to be new rumours and information coming out on a daily basis about the future of the iPod these days, and the latest is that Apple is asking resellers to place at least 4 weeks worth of orders for their top selling models as supplies will start to become limited in the coming weeks.

We have talked about the supply shortage of the iPod Touch before, but now it seems that it covers the whole iPod range, which could be a sign that Apple is preparing for a complete relaunch of the entire iPod range in time for the peak christmas shopping season starting from early to mid september.

What exciting times if we will see an overhaul of the entire iPod product line, and not completely unexpected either. This comes on top of news yesterday that code in the new iPhone 2.1 firmware had indication of coming iPod Touch upgrade.

We will continue to cover this story as it progresses from rumours to reality.

You can now read our summary report on the launch of the new generation iPods here.


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