Apple post record quarter in more ways than one

We all, including the market, expected a big Q1 from Apple given that it was the first quarter following the iPhone 4S launch and it was the holiday season, but i think very few of us expected Apple to post numbers quite as strong as they did yesterday.

Apple record quarter in numbers

Whilst the big news was the record setting earnings, topping $46 billion, on the back of record setting iPhone sales of 37 million iPhones, there were plenty of other big numbers coming out of the fantastic quarter. Here are some of the highlights from yesterdays earnings call.

  • 37.04 million iPhones sold globally – that is more iPhones sold than there were babies born that quarter. Talk about iPhone generation.
  • 128% increase in iPhone sales compared to same quarter last year.
  • According to Tim Cook they could have sold even more iPhones if they had been able to produce them fast enough.
  • The Apple iPad also broke all records with 15.43 million iPads sold in the quarter, a 111% jump compared to same quarter last year.
  • What about the iPod you asked? Not surprisingly the iPod sold less than last year with 15.4 million iPods. Still, that is not bad for a product that is on the downward slope in the product lifecycle.
  • Mac sales topped 5.2 million units, with 3.7 of them coming from their laptop range. No wonder other PC manufacturers struggled with lack of hard drives, as it looks like Apple might have swooped up the market.
  • The iCloud has reached 85 million customers.
  • Apple now has $97 billion in cash stacked away for rainy days. I’m thinking there might be some acquisitions in the coming year. Not a bad time to be a technology company with some interest from Apple.
  • The Apple cash reserve is more than all but 52 companies on the earth.

Now the only question is, how are they going to top this going forward?

[source: Engadget & Cultofmac]


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