Apple sells 1 million iPads twice as fast as iPhone

Apple has confirmed that on Friday 30th April they sold their Apple iPad number 1 million, taking less than one month to achieve the million mark for their latest tech revolution. This is twice as fast as it took the iPhone to reach the same milestone (74 days).

Although the Apple iPad was launched to mixed feedback, it has clearly gotten off to a running start as people have grown interested in the latest Apple gadget. It also helped that Apple released the 3G Apple iPad just before the end of April as well, helping to push  a few hundred thousand extra sales from people who have been waiting on the more mobile version of the iPad.

Early siccess for Apple iPad

Putting things a bit more into perspective, combining the first month sales of the iPhone and the iPod Touch with the two models of the Apple iPad, they reached the million mark in about the same time. It is also worth noting that Apple sold nearly half a million of the iPads in the first week, so sales have slowed down some. But the sales have also been achieved largely in the US alone, as there are still many countries where the Apple iPad is yet to be launched.

The success of the Apple iPad has also raised questions around what Apple might be doing with the iPod Touch. So far it still looks like Apple might be bringing out a 4th generation iPod Touch sometime this year, with some iPod Touch devices featuring camera briefly making an apperance on Ebay a while back.

With the 4th generation iPhone, or iPhone 4 HD as it is also being referred to, expected to be launched in June this year, there might be many Apple lovers around the world that will have to dig deep into their savings to keep up with Steve Jobs and Apple’s tech race.


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