Three-peat for Apple as world’s most admired company

With the launch of the Apple iPad and all the buzz leading up to it, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Apple has for the third consecutive time been ranked as the world’s most admired company, adding another notch in Steve Jobs belt of success.

With the three-peat as the most admired company in the world, this year with the biggest margin ever, Apple needs to keep on top of the throne for another two years to catch up with GE for most consecutive years in position 1. Apple’s success can largely, or completly, be attributed to the product popularity. 250 million iPods, 43 million iPhones, 32 million iPod Touches tell a full story on their own, and soon the Apple iPad will join the Apple family as well to create even more glory days for the Apple shareholders.

It is hard not to admire a company that has changed the way we interact with the world around us and with technology, including the way we listen to music through the iPod and iTunes. There is no doubt that Apple has delivered some very admirable products over the years, but not everything they is admirable, including their sometimes over-strict and controlling iPhone app approval process, and how they limit use of content from other sales channels than their own on their devices.

If there is one thing that i think will help secure Apple the top spot in future rankings, it will be adopting a more open process in terms of how consumers can use devices like the iPhone, iPod, and the coming Apple iPad.


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