Apple makes iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S official

The wait is over, the next iPhone(s) have arrived, and they are pretty much what the rumour mill has expected over recent weeks; a plastic, colorful, low cost iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor.

New budget iPhone 5C

It has been expected for a couple of years already that Apple would at some point create a more budget friendly iPhone. Today it became reality as Schiller took the stage and presented the iPhone 5C, which is pretty much an iPhone 5 with plastic cover and more color options. In fact, the 5C has the same processor, same 4-inch retina display, same 8mp back camera, and even an improved Facetime HD camera. Available in 16GB and 32GB version, with color options ranging from green, white, blue, pink, to yellow.

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The iPhone 5C is also said to have the most versatile LTE network coverage of any smartphone in the market, supporting the case that this is the phone that Apple is hoping will win over emerging markets, including China. We are waiting on final confirmation of pricing for the iPhone 5C, but Apple has advised that on a 2 year contract it will be $99 (£63) for the 16gb and $199 (£127).

New iPhone 5S

Once again the S will stand for Speed, as the new iPhone 5S comes with some serious speed upgrades, but in a package that besides the new colors is pretty much the same as the current iPhone 5. Gone is black or white, replaced by silver, gold, and space grey. The new 64-bit A7 processor is where the real improvements lie, resulting in what Apple describes as a 40x bump in performance and 56x bump in graphic performance. It all sounds impressive.

Apple has also improved the camera on the iPhone 5S. It is still a 8mp camera, but each pixel is larger and allowing in more light. They have also added ‘true tone’ dual LED flash for better color balance. Added is also the ability to take 10fps burst mode photos. According to Apple the battery life is also improved, offering up to 250 hours of standby, 10 hours browsing with LTE, or 10 hours talk on 3G.

The iPhone 5S also brings new use of your finger, as the Touch ID technology allows for amongst other unlocking of the phone, payment on iTunes etc. by using your own fingerprint. The metal ring around the sensor detects your finger without you having to press the button, so it is based purely on touch.

You can pre-order the iPhone 5S from the 13th September and buy it from the 20th September. Looks like there will be queues outside Apple stores again in the next couple of weeks. Pricing on contracts is so far said to be as follows: 16gb $200 / £127, 32gb $300 / £192, and 64gb $400 / £255.

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We will be back with more information on both the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S over the coming days. The new models also means that Apple has decided to discontinue the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, while keeping the 8gb version of the iPhone 4S as an alternative option for customers.

[image source: Apple.com]

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