Apple launches ipod touch 32gb

News has just come out from the Apple headquarter that they are releasing a new 32gb version of the ipod touch.

Apple has always had an impeccable timing for their new product releases, often to the headache of customers who have just invested in a previous release, now realizing that they could have gotten a even better deal by just waiting a couple of months. Got to give Apple props though for their marketing ability just as reports were starting to come in about a slowdown in sales of ipods. At the same time, a warning to Apple not to irritate their loyal customer base too much.

The new 32gb ipod touch is now available from the Apple US store, and is soon expected to be available internationally as well. As soon as UK merchants start featuring the new ipod touch 32gb we will let you know where to get it for the best deal. Meanwhile feel free to browse our Apple ipod price comparison for the UK.

The news release also included a 16gb version of the iPhone.


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  1. admin says:

    We can now confirm that the 32gb ipod touch is available from selected merchants in the UK as well. See our homepage for an update or buy it from our Amazon store.

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