Apple kills Kenny – Why South Park did not make it to the iTunes App Store

Oh my God! Apple kills Kenny!! The people behind South Park are the latest to feel the hand of rejection from Apple as the South Park iPhone Application gets rejected on the grounds that it can be potentially offensive in nature.

Apple rejects South Park iPhone AppAlthough it is difficult to argue that South Park is not offensive occassionaly (read: most times), it is difficult to understand why that is a good argument for rejecting the application from Apple as you can currently buy season of South Park through iTunes, as well as the movie, which i am sure is a lot more offensive than the application would be. The iTunes App Store also includes several other applications that can be deemed offensive, such as the popular Wobble application, and not to mention the meaningless fart applications that have received so much publicity lately.

It does sound like the ‘offensive’ statement from Apple is just an excuse used to hide the real truth behind not allowing the South Park application, protecting their own business interest. It is no secret that Apple is very protective of their business model and that any activity or application that potentially could harm their own revenue line faces a tough uphill battle. Just look at the difficulties of getting flash for the iPhone, which is mostly held back by Apple’s reluctance to open up the system for potentially outside development.

The South Park iPhone App would include episode clips and much more unique content that could potentially lead to less sales through the Apple iTunes Store, therefore potenially being a risk for Apple and their money making machine of digitally downloadable content.

Personally i would have jumped on the chance to download the South Park iPhone App on my iPod Touch, but for know we have to live with the fact that Kenny got killed by Apple this time… you b$%&#rds!


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4 Responses to "Apple kills Kenny – Why South Park did not make it to the iTunes App Store"

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  3. Southpark is quite funny but some of the scenes maybe a bit too morbid even for adults.*`”

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