What hides behind the Apple iProd?

The question that has been on everyones lips these last few days, or even since the first hints at new products was revealed in the iPhone OS 3.0 code back in February, is; what is the Apple iProd? Rumors are circulating that it is the much talked about coming iPod Tablet, while others believe it could be the new iPhone Nano, that several times have been denied to be in the pipeline by Apple.

References to Apple iProd is iPhone OS USB device listThe reason for all these questions around the Apple iProd is a reference to a new product that can be found in the new upgraded OS, the iPhone OS 3.0.1 that was released last week to fix a security hole that opened the iPhone for hack attacks through SMS messages. In the USBDeviceConfiguration list there are two references to the Apple iProd. referred to as “iProd 0,1″ and “iProd 1,1″. The first referes to what is most likely a prototype, while the other one is a first generation of a product, at least according to earlier Apple references.

We have earlier covered how the same list also sparked the rumors (which are now more or less confirmed) that there will be a 3rd generation iPod Touch coming this fall, most likely at the annual iPod event in October, and that it is a good chance that the 3rd gen iPod Touch features camera amongst other things.

But back to the issue at hand; what is the Apple iProd? According to other sources it seems to have much in common with the specs for the iPhone, which has sparked the rumors that it could be the much talked about iPhone Nano resurfacing, but the concensus online at the moment seems to be that we are still talking about the Apple Tablet solution, that now seems more or less confirmed to be launched this fall featuring a 10inch touchscreen.

What is clear is that it will be a device that is running the new iPhone OS 3.0, which does not really narrow it down any further as it is expected that the Apple Tablet will be running the iPhone OS, although there is much talk about how Apple will deal with the resolution issues of current applications running on a 10inch screen.

What is clear is that the rumors around the Apple iProd will continue to roll around the internet until Apple comes out and clearly states that we are talking about a new product, whether it is confirming we are talking about the Apple Tablet, an iPhone Nano, or that we are simply talking about an upgraded iPod device that will be running the iPhone OS, similar to the iPod Touch, such as a touchscreen version of the iPod Nano with camera.

We will continue to keep you updated on what happens around the Apple iProd – and just remember, the annual iPod event is not far away now.


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  1. Rush says:

    Good time of day! I do not see the conditions of use. Can I copy your text written on your site, if you put a link to this page?.

  2. Rambaldi says:

    “…most likely at the annual iPod event in October…”

    Isn’t this event normally in September?

  3. retry4 says:

    I just can’t wait!!! I’m so exited!!!


  4. X-man says:

    Thank you, very interesting article..

  5. Spider says:

    Yeah … Here people used to say: ABC teach – in all hut shout:).

  6. Suzan says:

    Gratifying that your blog is constantly evolving. Such positions only adds popularity..

  7. retry4 says:

    It’s like a type of “MacBook touch”. It’s going to be as powerful as a MacBook Air. It will not have a disk drive (because they want you to buy iTunes movies). iProd stands for “iPod” and “Pro”???


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