iPod Nano gets camera not iPod Touch – Updates and news from Apple iPod event

The event has concluded. We will be back with comments on the different news.

19:16 – At the moment first impression is that Apple delivered less than expected and compared to what many of us were hoping for. It is nice to see though that the price point is coming down for all models, which is sure to be welcomed by many customers leading up to the Christmas season.

19:15 – It’s a suprise really that the iPod Touch 3G did not get a camera whilst the iPod Nano did. The best reason could be the rumored tech problems with the camera integration, and that we will probably just have to wait a bit longer before the camera comes to the iPod Touch.

19:04 -  The new iPod Nano 5G also gets built in FM radio. The two models available today are 8gb for $149 and 16gb for $179.

19:01 – Steve Jobs is back to talk about camera for iPod’s. They are announcing building a camera into the back of the 8gb iPod Nano.

19:00 – New colors for the iPod Shuffle and support for more headphone models.

18:58 – Nothing about the camera for the iPod Touch which might be down to the much rumored technical difficulties.

18:56 – The iPod Classic gets an upgrade to 160gb for the same price of $249.

18:52 – Price drop announced on the iPod Touch and the new 64gb model retailing for $399. The 32gb will cost $299 and the 8gb $199. It will also be faster and run Open GL.

18:48 – EA announces that Madden NFL 2010 is coming to the App Store

18:37 -  Still nothing about new upgraded 3rd gen iPod Touch, as they are asking some selected developers to take stage and talk about gaming on the iPod Touch.

18:35 – They are bigging up the iPod Touch as a gaming platform.

18:33 – Genius Mixes is also available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

18:30 – Over 220 million iPods sold worldwide, including 20 million iPod Touch.

18:29 – Now to the iPods

18:28 – iTunes Extra gives you access to additional content for music and movies

18:24 – Finally something on social integration, a feature in iTunes 9 that allows you to share gifts and wishlist directly to Facebook and Twitter.

18:17 – So far nothing about social media integration in iTunes 9.

18:15 – The iTunes Store has also been redesigned with improved artist and movie pages.

18:12 – iTunes 9 is announced.  One of the features is Genius Mixes which can be explained as something similar to having a radio station with all your favourite music. It also features improved syncing and the much asked for app management in iTunes. Another feature of iTunes 9 is home sharing, allowing you to share the content of iTunes across 5 computers.

18:08 – New for iPhone and iPod Touch owners is iPhone OS 3.1, featuring  Genius functionality for apps based on what you own. Also announces the expected iPhone ringtones feature in iTunes.

18:06 – 30 million iPhones sold worldwide

18:02 – Steve Jobs takes the stage to standing ovations and applause. He explains how the liver transplant was a success and that he is now back working with the Apple teams to deliver new great products (read Tablet)

As an early present Apple has put the iTunes LP feature live already giving you the visual experience of the record album in your iTunes library. iTunes LP allows you to look at animated lyrics, performance videos, and artist/band photos. This has ealier been referred to as the “Cocktail” format.

17:30 – The Apple Store worldwide has been taken offline, a clear sign that there will be new or upgraded products available from the online store following todays event.


The day we have all been waiting for has arrived as Apple prepares for their 1pm (eastern time)/6pm UK time annual iPod event, this year themed “Its only rock and roll, but we like it”. We will keep you posted on all the news as they happen, including the expected launch of the 3rd generation iPod Touch, 5th generation iPod Nano, the future of the iPod Classic, and the expected iTunes 9 with social media integration.

There has been a lot of rumors leading up to this event, some perhaps a bit more farfetched than others, and there are still uncertainties about how and what Apple will announce today following rumored camera issues with the 3rd gen iPod Touch and of course the much rumored Apple Tablet solution.

One thing is for sure, after todays event we will have a lot more answers, and hopefully some exciting upgrades and news to discuss as well, so keep checking back to get all the latest as it happens.


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6 Responses to "iPod Nano gets camera not iPod Touch – Updates and news from Apple iPod event"

  1. daniel says:

    fuking bullshit

    no camera or mic for touch absolute garbage

    fuk the people that released those fake pics and vid and who ever is makin those covers would have wasted a whole lot of cash

    wow this really blows

    PC FTW

  2. retry4 says:



  3. renzoski says:

    NO CAMERA ON THE IPOD TOUCH! IT’S JUST WRONG. PERIOD! Not only am I in the AT&T dead zone here in South Dakota. Now Apple sticks it to me again. What the? They didn’t even put a mic on the Touch for thier mighty speach recognition. It’s insane. Are they trying to piss off the customers? Now it looks like I will have to wait and hope AT&T bring thier service into South Dakota next Spring. There is so many things that can be said. Yeah they gave it a faster processor and a bigger drive but, it falls way short.

    Extremely Disappointed

  4. Dude says:

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!

  5. Joker says:

    I have already seen it somethere…

  6. Josie says:

    The author of 1 interesting thoughts.

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