Apple iPod event for 7th september – temporary mark in calendar

Have you been waiting for a new iPod line-up to be announced? Then place a temporary mark in your calendar for the 7th September as according to Japanese sources that will be the day that Apple will hold their annual iPod/Music event.

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It is the Japanese Kodawarisan website (via Macrumors) that is reporting that the annual Apple event will take place on that day, with information coming from what is referred to as insider sources. The date is also in line with what has become an Apple tradition for announcing music related news and product upgrades, including Apple iPod upgrades and more recently iTunes and iOS upgrades as well.

While this might be the day that we see the upgrade of the iPod line up, as well as likely more official information on the release of iOS 5 into the public and iCloud going mainstream, the same report says that it will likely not include the iPhone 5. The next version of the iPhone is the hottest rumored tech at the moment, expected to be out sometime in September/October, without any word of its existence yet from Apple. According to the reports from Japan, the iPhone 5 might get its own focused event in late September or early October, but all of that remains to be seen. Personally i would think that if the device is ready, Apple will be revealing it even if the shipment dates will be in October.

As for the iPod line up, there has been much speculation as to the future of the Apple iPod as it is experiencing declining sales while its cousins in the iPhone and iPad are seeing massive growth. The iOS device in the iPod family, the iPod Touch, has been carrying the iPod line up in more recent times, so if we are too see any upgrades to the iPod line up the most likely one will be the iPod Touch 5.

Keep checking back for more news and updates about the possible 7th September Apple music event right here.


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  1. Michaël says:

    Is this date still a rumour? Since it is already the 6th of September.
    Won’t Apple announce it officialy? Even if it’s 3 days before the event?
    And if they do, where could you see the announcement?

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