Apple iPhone challenging global smartphone market

The Apple iPhone has proved to be one of the big success stories in recent technological times, and in the history of Apple as a company, as recent reports indicate that the Apple iPhone now holds third position in the global smartphone market with 17% marketshare, challenging the leaders Nokia and RIM (blackberry).

The recent report by research company Gartner shows how the Apple iPhone has taken a 17.1% market share of the global smartphone market in Q3 2009, compared to a 12.9% marketshare in the same quarter a year ago. The key events driving the increased marketshare is likely to be the upgrade to the iPhone 3GS with its improved speed and functionality, as well as the increased exposure in new markets and the opening up of exclusive deals in other markets (UK etc).

Gartner global smartphone marketshare overview

It is expected that the marketshare of the iPhone will only continue to increase with news that the iPhone 3GS on Orange sold over 30,000 units in the first day of trading, showing not only that there is still a large untapped market for the iPhone in the UK, but that opening up the market for the more carriers to sell the iPhone expands the reach of the now iconic iPhone.

According to the report, market leader Nokia is the one that seems to feel the increased competition from the Apple iPhone the most, with their marketshare coming down from 42% to 39% year on year.

There is however no information about the splits in the smartphone marketshare in terms of it being business or private sector. It is expected that the increased marketshare of the Apple iPhone is especially strong in the personal smartphone market, while the likes of RIM and Nokia still is quite strong with the business market.

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