Apple offers free bumber/case to iPhone 4 owners along with the iOS 4.01

Steve Jobs and Apple have just shared their view on the iPhone 4 antenna/signal problem, explaining that the problem is one that all smartphones are experiencing. Their solution is the iPhone 4 iOS 4.01 upgrade released yesterday and for those that are still unhappy they can get a free bumber/case from Apple.

Summary: Jobs goes on the say that the antenna problem has been blown way out of proportion and that for the high majority of iPhone 4 owners there is no problem.  But they want to ensure that all users are happy with their iPhone 4 so they are offering free bumpers/case for all iPhone 4 owners. This will be available late next week and you have to register on their site and pick a bumper/case. They will also offer a full refund for any customers not satisfied for 30 days.

Steve Jobs also announces that the white iPhone 4 will be available at the end of July, and that a proximity sensor fix will be coming soon.

18:28 – Jobs explains that 80% of iPhone 3GS owners have a case while only 20% have bought a case for the iPhone 4 through their stores, which could explain the slightly higher call drop rate for the iPhone 4

18:25 – The iPhone 4 has a higher call drop rate than the iPhone 3GS according to ATT, but the drop is less than one call per hundred

18:24 – So far the return rate for the iPhone 4 is 1.7% which is much lower than for the iPhone 3GS

18:22 – Only 0.5% have contacted AppleCare about the issue from 3 million sold iPhone 4′s. That is still about 15,000 people.

18:20 – At the moment it sounds like yesterdays released upgrade will be the only answer from Apple as to the issue, but the press conference is still going

18:17 – They say the issue on the iPhone 4 has been more visible due to the algorithm issue that was fixed with yesterdays iOS 4.01 upgrade

18:17 – Apple are saying that they are not perfect, but neither are other smartphones.

18:15 – Showing examples of YouTube videos showing that phones from HTC, Blackberry, and Samsung experiencing the same problems when gripped a certain way

18:12 – Other smartphones are apparently experiencing the same signaling issues

18:10 – Steve Jobs is talking about how they like making sure all customers are happy and going into detail about the data they have on the issues


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  1. This is a great offer. I will definitely register to get one. Thanks for the informative post.

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