Apple iPhone 4.0 supporting multitasking Expose interface

It looks like the coming Apple iPhone 4.0, and we are not talking about the rumoured iPhone 4G 4th generation hardware, but rather the coming upgrade to the Apple iPhone’s OS, will support app multitasking through an interface similar to the Expose solution on the Max OS X operating system.

Source of this information is rumoured to come from people familiar with Apple’s plans for the upcoming iPhone 4.0 OS upgrade according to AppleInsider. Running multiple third party applications at the same time has been blocked from the earlier and current iPhone OS versions, largely due to the added impact on battery life, which is already an issue with the Apple iPhone.

With the information that the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS is likely to support multitasking it is also likely that Apple has been able to find solutions to the issue with battery life, and to the user experience, allowing for easy switching between multiple running applications.

As for the user experience side of things, it looks like running multiple third party apps at the same time will be supported by an interface similar to the Expose solution that is found on the Mac OS X for those of you familiar with that operating system. Launching the Expose like interface is rumoured to be done by hitting the home button twice to bring up the overview/expose screen. This is similar to the native Apple iPhone functionality for running multiple apps, such as the system for controlling music at the same time as running other apps.

So far Apple has been offering push notifications for third party apps as a way around running multiple apps at the same time, allowing third party apps of notifying users whenever there is an update, such as a friend sending you a message on Facebook, or someone sending you a tweet.

The Apple iPhone OS 4.0 is still in pre-production so some functionality might be further enhanced while other functionality might get dropped, but for all those waiting for multitasking, there if finally hope.


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